Always so cold

I have noticed something lately that seems to be another symptom possibly of Fibromyalgia that I had not really thought of before, however seems to be happening often. I am always cold. I mean hands and feet turning blue! It happens a lot. I will lay in bed at night trying to cuddle as close to Cory as possible because he is always so warm and I am forever feeling cold. He says my feet and hands are like ice.

I don’t really know if this has to do with Fibromyalgia or with maybe poor circulation but it is hard to regulate my body heat, especially in the winter. Turning up the heat has little effect till the house is sweltering and Cory is complaining it is too hot. My fingers and toes are numb with cold most of the time. I guess it’s something to ask my doctor about. Just another thing to add the the ever growing list of things…

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