And I’m back…

My first day back was pretty easy. Took an hour to get my passwords all reset and accounts all set back up then I just did online training for about 2 hours. I work tech support so I had to learn about changes to some of the products and procedures for the stuff we have as well as learn about some new products. Wednesday and Friday will be much of the same then next week I am 9-12 all week and it will be much of the same, going over process, procedures and such that have changed or are new. Mid way through the week I will start y-cording with some of the other agents and doing emails and maybe reverse y-cording (me taking the call and them listening. So overall an easy two weeks.

Saturday Cory and I went fishing. It was hot! I reached 35°C at one point and the rest of the day evened out to about 30°C. We didn’t catch anything. Which is normal. Since we got the fishing licences a month ago I have caught one fish and he has not caught any. But I am positive we will get more. Cory’s buying me my own rod for my birthday (July 6th). I picked out a nice women’s one. It’s pink but I don’t really mind pink.

On Sunday we went for a walk at York Redoubt National Historic Site. I didn’t bring my camera so I don’t have pictures. But next time we go I am gonna bring my camera and a few other things. It was not completely all open but will be June 26th. We’ve both been there a number of times before. There is one part of it, the gun powder magazine that I want to explore a bit more. It was open Sunday but we did not have a flash light and after a few steps I was freaked out.

A few years ago a friend and I went down into the chamber, she was ahead of me and there was no one else around. On the way down behind her I felt a hand on my back, I figured someone had come up behind us and either lost their balance or thought I was someone else. I turned around and there was no one there. At the same time my friend screamed and said she saw a soldier in 1800’s uniform below her on the steps. So I really want to check it out more.

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