Another chance to move up the ladder…

So to speak. There is a position open at work for a member of our internal support team which helps agents locate the information that they need when troubleshooting issues. I don’t believe it pays any more then a regular agent if I remember correctly but would be excellent experience for moving into a coach (supervisory) position.

Unfortunately the email came out a few days ago when half of our projects agents had no access to email as our email server was having issues and you could only randomly get connected for short periods of time and emails would get “lost” and not show up for days or at all. So I missed the email .

It was not until I had my year end review yesterday that I found out about it and was told it was to late. I was not happy and neither was a handful of other people. I found out today that they decided to extend the deadline for applying to the position until 9 PM tonight. I was scheduled for training today (to take training this time not to give it) for 4 hours and we were busy and I was scared I would not have time to apply.

When I got upstairs to the room they use for training we were told that we had an hour deadline to go over the 4 hour scheduled training because one of the other agents in the class had to leave early. I know for a fact that the other training classes did not take the full four hours but they had more then one! So we rushed through the training.

As I am still on crutches and had to take the elevator up to the training class, all the seats up front were taken by the time I got up there. I ended up sitting in the back and I admit, all I could see on the computer that was projected to a small TV was a green blur, followed by a dark black blur followed by more black blurs and blurry images. I should have spoken up and seen if I could move up front. Sadly I did not.

In hindsight I realize this was a big mistake. I pretty much missed the gist of most of the training. I winged it for the assessment after. It will be interesting to find out how I did. I think I will go to a coach tomorrow and admit my mistake and see if I can have some time to review the material. They know I am a very good agent and I know the ins and outs of my job very well and score very high in the majority of aspects (with the exception of attendance, which I am working on) of my job. I am pretty confident that I can learn the material rather quickly .

Anyhow, I am getting off track. For the reasons mentioned previously in this post I decided to leave work early if I could and applied for VLE again. Not necessarily a well thought out plan. I was just in a bad mood and feeling rushed when it came to applying for the position that I really want. I figured, I guess that I could come home and take the time to write out my responses to the questions in the test that we were provided to apply with.

I again forgot to take something into consideration. Lets just call it a bad day… What I wasn’t thinking about was that I only had access to “some” of the tools that I would need to answer questions on the test for the position. I did take the time however, to really think my answers through and I did the best with the resources that I had which was kind of the point of the test. So again I guess it will be interesting to see how I did on that.

I really want to be hopeful about the position but I am having a really hard time with this. I really lack confidence in myself sometimes and I know it shows and I know it sometimes really holds me back. But as my coach said yesterday in my year end review, I am very knowledgeable and for that reason she and the other coaches feel comfortable in my training expertise and the example I set for other agents. I’m glad they have the confidence in me. So why is it so hard for me to have this confidence in myself?

2 thoughts on “Another chance to move up the ladder…

  1. I am sorry that it was a really hard day and that everything was so rushed. I hope that you did well on both tests and that things do work out how you want them too!

    It is good in a way that those you work with can see that you are good at your job and I hope that you will be able to see that and find more confidence in yourself. It is hard when that holds you back, especially when you have great potential!

    1. Thanks, I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow to see how I did. I am scared to get my hopes up.

      I have always had an issue with confidence in myself, I was like this since I was little. I would not try something because I was scared to fail. I am trying so hard to break out of that and realize that sometimes failure is good and teaches you things.

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