another new layout

This is what I do when I’m bored. I play around with photoshop. This layout was a black and white image so I decided to add some color to a few places. I honestly don’t remember where I got the photo but it was a free stock photo. If I can remember or anyone knows then I’ll give credit to the person. I’ve been looking actually. I believe the site’s no longer there.

I wanted to make the layout a little different from what I normally do. So I decided to make it so the entry’s were in a scroll box on the side. Took me a long time to get it right and a lot of help from some people at . So I wanted to say a BIG thanks to them! I have to work at 1pm today till 10:30pm. What a shitty shift. Oh well.

Julie at work had this great idea and I hope we do it. She wants to get a pile of us girls together to go through our closets and take anything that doesn’t fit that is either to big, to small, or even that we just don’t want anymore. Then we have a hamper party! And trade clothing. I think it’s a great idea. I certainly have a lot of clothing that’s going to waste. I dropped a pile of it at the salvation army the other day. But we all can trade stuff off maybe and then whatever is left over we can drop at the salvation army or the more dressier stuff to Dress For Success. That way we’d be helping each other out and helping out other needy people in our areas.

I talked to Tara H on MSN for a bit yesterday. I missed talking to her. But we’ve both been so busy. She and Keegan are doing really good she said. Thank god. She’s such a good mom. He’s so sweet. All this baby stuffs getting to me again. Oh well… I scanned a baby photo of myself yesterday and fixed it up in photoshop. It had a lot of dirt and scratches. It’s really cool how easy you can fix it with a few simple steps and the dirt and scratches and the history brush (and this tutorial I found at which is one of the best photoshop tutorial sites I’ve found. It’s just a collection of other sites but it has everything imaginable!). Anyways I think the image turned out good (click the image to open the full size in a new window so you can see it all at once):

The original

The fixed one (+border)

What do you think? Cute eh? No modesty here lol…

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