Somehow even after the post a few days ago about loving my job and what I do, I feel unsettled. I feel like I am settling for a job that I like and even enjoy but not love to death.

I really want to go back to school, I was thinking of taking sign language again and maybe eventually taking Deaf Studies and then American Sign Launguage/English Interpretation at NSCC and become an interpreter. I started doing this once before about 10 years ago. I was just not at a good point in my life at that point though and got frustrated and quit.

The more and more I think about it though, the more I really regret doing that. I’d be finished it right now. Most likely with a really good job.

Who knows, maybe the time is right now. I’m certainly in a better frame of mind now then I was at that point. It’s not cheap though. Both ASL 1 & 2 are about $400 each. Deaf studies is about $4700 (1 year course). ASL/English Interpretation is a 2 year course and is about $4500 for the first year and $4300 for the second year.

How would I pay for it? That’s the biggest question. Am I able to get a student loan again now that I have been discharged from bankruptcy which included my first student loan? Do I even want to? Is it worth it to go back into debt? How much would I make as an interpreter? How would it stack up against how much I would enjoy the career? I think that’s the key word here. Career.

Do I want to go back to school at 33? What will it mean to my hope of having children soon? What will it mean for work? Can I work part time at my current job and do it? Actually that one I’m sure would be a yes. We have lots of students working our project.

What would Cory think? Well I guess that last one I’m sure I know. He would support me and would just want me to be happy. He would be happy as long as I’m happy and he would say we would figure out a way to pay. That’s just the way he is.

But really, can we afford to pay my way without loans? How would We do so? Is there any other way to so it? Would a personal loan be better? Can I even get one? These are just some of the many questions that would need to be answered I guess…

Or like everything else will this be forgotten sometime after I hit “post”?

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  1. I am not overly familiar with Canada and how schools work there, but I know in the USA there is usually some form of financial assistance or like program you can do to be forgiven for loans. Like if you become a teacher, you can do an outreach program and teach in rural for x amount of years to get forgiven for x amount of student debt. There’s also an inner city one too. Some of the government programs I’ve been privelaged too offered pay back if you exchanged x amount of years of service (this was something I looked into when I went back for my masters).

    I usually try to work for companies than can offer me assistance as well. The program I am currently in offers nearly 100% tuition assistance with no obligation to stay because you work at the same time (I’m actually considered a fellow though I’m not technically earning a degree right now).

    If you want to go back, do the research, ask questions and explore options. Its never too late to go back no matter your age.

    1. I wish that had stuff like that here. We can borrow but there is nothing really that you can do, that I know of, that will forgive the loans, save for filing for bankruptcy. I wish there was stuff like that here. I will have to look into it a bit more though cause often the stuff is there you just have no idea about it. It’s not “advertised” per se. Definitely worth looking into.

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