B is for Bravo

No prompt today. I have a funny (part) of a conversation from a call yesterday at work. I was asking for a serial number for a product. Just to keep it completely anonymous I am not saying who I work for or what the product is. You never know…

Me: “Can I please have the serial number of your ______, please? It will start with B like Bravo”
Customer: “What?? B like Basil? What do you mean”
Me: “The letter B like Bravo, sir”
Customer: “B like Basil?? What’s that? Basil, what’s that word. I’ve never heard of it before.”
Me: “B sir, B like Bob.”
Customer: “B like what?? Bob, you mean Robert? B like Robert?? Robert doesn’t start with B.”
***a pause while I rack my brain for what to say***
Customer: “B like Boy?”
Me: “Yes sir, B like Boy.”
Customer: “What the fuck… B like Robert, Robert doesn’t start with B, what the hell. Why would you say Robert…”
Me: “No sir, I said Bob, B like Bob, short form of Robert. Bob. The Letter B”
Customer: “I’m not stupid. I know Robert’s the short form of Bob. Robert doesn’t start with B though. I’m not stupid.”
***Well ya, I’m not going there…***
Me: “Okay, can you locate the serial number? It’s on the top of the ______?”
Customer: “Why’d you say Basil for, I mean that word… it’s just odd. Why would you say that”
***sounds like he is almost ready to cry at this point… I know I am…***
Me: “Sorry sir, I was saying Bravo not Basil, Bravo – B R A V O.”
Customer: “What the… I don’t know why you keep saying Basil. I told ya I don’t know…”
***for some reason I felt the need to explain myself. Bad choice.**
Me: “Never mind sir, it’s B like Boy. I was just saying the Phonetic Alphabet for B.”
Customer: “But why’d you say Basil, if it’s B like Boy?”
Me: “I wasn’t saying Basil sir. Either way it’s B, the second letter of the alphabet.”
Customer: “Well why the fuck didn’t you say B?” ***mumbles “Basil” really softly under his breath, sounding very exasperated***
Me: “I’m sorry sir, I did say B”
Customer: “What the hell…”
Me: “Can we move on, sir…”

6 thoughts on “B is for Bravo

    1. You know, I really don’t know what his issue was. At first I just thought maybe he was being an ass, but he really seemed upset at first, then mad. I know I was frustrated. I was standing up rather then sitting down and I am sure everyone on the floor could hear the exasperation in my voice lol

  1. haha, wow, that guy got really worked up over nothing. I would be pretty frustrated. Even if he misheard Bravo for Basil… basil isn’t that weird of a word either!

    1. No it’s an herb lol, not like it’s an odd word. I’m sure he heard of it. I’m still not sure if he was really upset or just playing me, normally I can tell, but not this time.

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