Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo?

Have you ever sat up quickly and when you are upright it feels like your still in motion, perhaps going forward still and you fall over? Maybe during a flu when your are dehydrated or as a result of some other illness?

Now imagine that day in, day out, over and over and over again through-out the day for days or even weeks on end. Add to that: nausea, vomiting (which can cause dehydration if not careful), headache, pain and pressure in your ear(s), ringing, roaring or rushing sounds and difficulty hearing at times. Why not throw in some difficulty concentrating, difficulty focusing on specific people, things or objects and otherwise “blurred” vision as well.

Sound like fun?… I guarantee you. It’s not. I have been suffering from this for 11 days strait now, and this is at least the second time in 2 months. This is not new either. I have experienced it in the past but was always told it was a result of a cold, sinus infection, ear infection or something else. This time however there was nothing before this. No cold, no sinus infection, no ear infection… nothing.

So what is it? What’s causing it? I don’t really know. Last time, 2 months ago, I went to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed me with something I had never heard of before: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV for short. Sounded scary to me. I followed up a few days later with my family doctor and he said he did not buy it and quite frankly after looking it up neither did I at the time. I was more concentrating on the constant vomiting at the time then the dizziness or rather a better word for it is vertigo that I was also experiencing among some of the other symptoms I mentioned above.

So again what is it? I still don’t really know but I am hoping to soon find out. I drove myself (not a good idea, looking back on it) to my family doctor last Friday after experiencing it again; this time more vertigo, headache and other symptoms and less vomiting, though I still have a lot of nausea. Last time I saw him 2 moths ago he had a CT scan done which came back normal, some routine blood work which also came back normal, and an upper GI (also normal) done. So this time he decided he was going to refer me to see a Gastroenterologist but said that they would want more “ruling out done” before they would see me. So he gave me a requisition for more bloodwork.

Sunday my “world” was spinning so much I couldn’t even focus on Cory’s face when he was talking to me, my ear felt like it was going to explode with pain and pressure and I was throwing up everything I ate. I fell between the toilet and tub trying to get up from the toilet. So yesterday I asked Cory to drive me to my doctors office to see the on call doctor, as my family doctor is on vacation for the week and is not booking appointments for 2 weeks.

The on call doctor said that what I have does sound more like BPPV to him as well and suggested I contact the Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centre (I’m gonna call them the ABDC to make it easier) because they should be able to clear it up. I contacted them and was not able to get an appointment until Friday.

Since I have been off work for a week by this point and have missed time in the past because of the same thing and because the ABDC costs a lot, I went to work to talk to the HR department to see what I could do and what was covered under my insurance (I was also thinking seeing me like that would make them less suspicious of me even though they have been awesome so far and never give me a hard time, but even so…) and they advised maybe going on an emergency leave of absence for a few weeks or months (she was good about that and said take however long I need pretty much) so I could get me record of employment (ROE), and apply for employment insurance sickness benefits so that I at least get paid for something.

So I did all that. And now I am off work for an unspecified amount of time and have no idea if or when I will get paid. I wish we had better benefits like short term and long term disability like my boyfriend has, but that’s neither here nor there I guess… since we don’t.

I’m frustrated, I feel like crap and I am bored as hell at home but don’t feel well enough to work… so I figured I’d do what always helped me in the past but which I have always had a hard time doing on a regular basis… and blog. So here I am. Again.

I don’t know if I am the only one who does this but, I looked up BPPV and discovered it is an inner ear condition. I agree that it seems like this could be what I may be experiencing. But there is also other ones that make more sense, such as Meniere’s Disease. Especially if I am experiencing hearing loss. Which I am not 100% sure about. I guess I will need to convince my doctor to have hearing tests done to see. Which is a scary thought. Could I really possibly be loosing my hearing? Could it affect both ears? Am I getting ahead of myself… probably.

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