Today is my good friend Susan’s Birthday and tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday. I met Susan through her best friend Kristy who is one of my best friends as well. Along with my husband Edward and my best friend Erin we have all become pretty close and try to spend an evening together once a month at the very least. Yesterday we all went over to Susan’s along with Kristy’s brother Johnny and a friend of Susan’s named Luke and we played Cards Against Humanity and had birthday cake.

We had a wonderful time! I love Cards Against Humanity. It’s really fun to play when drunk apparently too Most people who know us would think I would be the 3nd last person on earth to play Cards Against Humanity, Erin would be the second last and Susan the last but we always have so much fun when we do. Edward loves it as well. We went over about 6 pm and stayed till about 11:30 pm we left at that time only because my best friend Erin was our ride home.

The last time that I drank was almost 2 years ago at my bachelorette party. I always get really sick when I drink, like violently ill. So I don’t usually drink. I am not sure exactly why but thought it might have something to do with my blood sugar raising to quick and too high. It’s happened for years but since I was diagnosed with diabetes I started to wonder if it had something to do with that since I likely was diabetic a while before I was diagnosed. Last night I decided I wanted to drink a little because I was tired of always being the one who wouldn’t touch alcohol not because I am against it, but because I couldn’t handle it. Since Eddie only has a learners it meant we had to leave our car at Susan’s which was okay because we only live a 15 minute walk from her place.

I ended up having some Sangria that she made which was really really good as well as Kristy made some jello shots with grape and berry blue jello. I had enough to get pleasantly drunk but not enough to get hung over. I decided that since I had Freestyle Libre that I could keep a close eye on my blood sugar to make sure I didn’t end up in the high teens or 20’s or higher. It seemed to work out well and other then a mild stomach ache overnight I didn’t even have a hang over today which made me incredibly happy. That little device is the best thing in the world! It was a very pleasant evening I didn’t take any pictures, didn’t bring my camera and wouldn’t put anything

Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday. Mom is not very keen on celebrating birthdays but it looks like we might be going to my Aunt Ferne’s after supper tomorrow at my parents to have some cake and ice cream. From May to the end of July is just a pile of birthday’s. Denton, my brother’s is June 21st, mine July 6th and Eddie’s July 11th and then our 2 year anniversary is coming up August 27th. I love summer because of all the birthday’s and celebrations and not just the weather

6 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Happy birthday to your Mom in advance! It’s always nice to celebrate birthdays and I realised that as I get older, the celebrations gets duller…

    1. Thanks Sakura, I personally love celebrating birthdays and love having ice cream cake. I love cake and I love ice cream so I find it the best of both worlds This year I plan on having a little party with my friends the weekend of my birthday. Something I haven’t done in years.

  2. Belated happy birthday to your friend Susan and happy birthday to your mom! I also love playing Cards Against Humanity and people are always surprised when I win because they think of me as a generally nice person lol.
    Cards Against Humanity is double the fun with drinks, especially with jello shots! Sangria is great too, but jello shots are sneaky ones haha I’m glad you didn’t have a hangover
    It looks like summer is off to a great start for you!

    1. Thanks Gillian, everyone is also surprised as well when I win as I am always the nice one as well. It was really fun with drinks and I’m glad I decided to chance drinking a little and didn’t end up getting a hang over. Summer really has been great so far, well spring really but I know it will continue into summer!

  3. Happy Birthday to Susan and to your mom! That’s a lot of birthdays during the summer months! It’s interesting because for me, I know a lot of spring birthdays, haha. Cards Against Humanity is so fun when played with the right people. Sounds like it was even more fun with alcohol involved I’m glad you didn’t get too ill or hung over! I hope your mom is having a good birthday too!

    1. Thanks Cat! It is a lot of birthdays. I love birthdays. Lots of cake and parties Cards against humanity is my new favorite game. I love it!

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