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I have been struggling a little bit with The Great Canadian Housewife. Not so much with content, well maybe a little, but more with just knowing where to start. I have exactly 20 posts since my first one in February this year. Most of those in April, May, and June I think, which is when I really started to get serious about it. As I said I am not really struggling so much with content, at least not yet, but I am sure that will come soon enough.

Right now my biggest struggles with it are driving traffic to it. Which I am doing somewhat okay at, but honestly I have nothing to compare it too as this one I never cared a whole lot or paid attention. It was more for me than for anyone else. Maybe that’s a bit selfish to say but it is a personal blog after all (this one).

I don’t care so much about SEO and that with this as I mostly just seek out other bloggers that I enjoy reading and comment on their blogs and probably 8 or 9 times out of ten they then come comment on mine. Which is sort of what I am doing with the other one, but I am not sure if that is the right way to go about it. It seems to be working okay but I am just not really sure.

I am struggling a lot with monetizing it and also with social media. Starting with social media I made a Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram account for the blog. Facebook was not too hard and I already have about 40 people following it but I am more active on Facebook than anywhere and most of those are my personal friends, a few bloggers, and some former work acquaintances. Not all of which are the right audience for the blog I don’t think,

I am unsure if I should narrow down my “niche” for it a bit more. It started as a place for me to share my “learn to be a housewife” kinda lifestyle I am sort of now living. But let’s face it, I suck as a housewife lol. I still love the name though and it still sort of fits so now I am trying to make it a product review (household products, beauty products, cleaning products, etc), book review, crafts, recipes, DIY, etc type of blog which I guess could fall more under “lifestyle” maybe?

I want to do some sponsored posts, mostly about makeup, haircare, skincare, bath & body, and those kinds of products as well as cleaning and household supplies, gardening, etc. So yeah, basically “housewife” type stuff. As well as some book reviews. I found a good site for that where I can get free books (popular newer ones at that) in exchange for reviews. I don’t get paid but I spend a lot on books so it seems a fair trade-off.  I am struggling though on how to start out with getting my first few sponsored posts. I joined some influence/sponsored post networks but they either have nothing, or it’s crap for lack of a better term, or I don’t qualify.

I did get one person email me and ask me to collaborate with her brand (hair wigs) in which she wants me to do 2 posts, shared to social media and a banner for 3 months on my page all for $12 US. I’m not a genius but even I know that’s too low. I am not afraid to reply back and say that but I am unsure even remotely on what to ask for for that. Not to mention I have never worn a wig in my life and will not lie so I am wondering what exactly the post entails. She has not mentioned trying a wig or anything like that and her wigs are expensive so I can understand.

I am okay with doing a post where I do some research maybe and write a post about it and link to her site but I won’t be saying I have tried one of the wigs when I haven’t. She’s not offering up a lot of info and I am not sure where to start to ask. I would love to collaborate but I am just unsure where myself and my blog would fit in in that scenario and don’t honestly really know how to ask.

I know my lack of knowledge and inexperience could become an issue when trying to get a sponsored post but you have to start somewhere right? And I am good at researching and have been trying to gather as much info about monetization and sponsored posts as I can. If anyone has any knowledge I would be more then thankful if anyone wants to share. I need a mentor lol.

I keep getting directed to these online courses that sound too good to be true in the groups and things I am in and I refuse to pay $300 for something that could literally be a flop or “scam”, not to mention I am broke as hell again and we are living off of Eddie’s part-time job and my student loan so I couldn’t afford it if I wanted too.

One last thing I am struggling with is affiliate links/banners. I did not want to go with Google Adsense for one because I want control over the ads I put on my site and only companies I either have dealt with or research and two because I can’t seem to get approved by them for some reason anyways even though I keep following all instructions. So I joined Rakuten Affiliates, CJ Affiliates, and Amazon Affiliates and figured out how to use it as far as banner ads on my site or pointing to specific things with their link codes but I am not getting any clicks, not one single click. Some impressions but no clicks. Not sure what I am doing wrong there either.

Sorry, this post got long, so I am going to end it here. Hopefully, I can figure this all out. And juggle school at as well. I so badly want to make this work in the long run for some additional income, not expecting miracles or anything but just a little extra every few months would be nice.

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  1. Unfortunately, I know nothing about monetization of blogs so can’t help with any advice, I’m afraid! I’ve never attempted to monetize my blog because I just do it for fun and as a hobby.

  2. As far as driving traffic to your blog, it’s great you are engaging with other bloggers & I also recommend reading through my post on using Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook for promoting your blog. You can also look into guest posting for other blogs.

    For social media, I only have Pinterest for my blog then my personal Twitter & Instagram that I use to promote my blog. I never created a Facebook page b/c I have heard about how difficult it is to grow & even if you have 1000s of followers, you’ll have low engagement b/c Facebook wants you to pay to promote your posts to your own followers!!! I have always struggled to grow my Instagram, but on Twitter there are occasional threads for bloggers to promote their social media accounts, which I would recommend joining & sharing your links in.

    When I first started my blog, it was pretty much a beauty blog & I expanded it to include books. However, there were other posts that didn’t fall into either category that I wanted to write so now my blog is a beauty, book & lifestyle blog. If you had a lifestyle niche, you can pretty much write about anything like the topics you mentioned.

    Now for monetization, it is tricky & no you don’t have to pay $300 to learn about it! It’s also good you recognize your worth. I accepted a low payment once b/c they gifted me the products as well, but as for figuring out pricing I suggest reading this post where a blogger did a sponsored post survey to figure out what bloggers charge
    I mainly search through the #bloggerswanted on Twitter for brands looking to collaborate. You can also make a tweet on Twitter saying you are looking for brands to collab with. It’s good that you’re in the Facebook groups & I would suggest to keep looking through them b/c one day something might come up. I would also recommend joining Get Blogged. I did 1 sponsored post through them & they have opportunities for bloggers with all DAs & they have good payments too. I also recommending reading this post by another blogger as she gives tips on getting your first collab

    1. Thank you so much for the advice and these suggestions! These are really great I have started using twitter a lot for finding other blogs and I have searched #bloggerswanted and haven’t found much yet but I will keep at it every day.

      I noticed there are some threads to promote your blog, get comments, promote your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Facebook account so I have started using them so you’ve confirmed I’m on the right track there. I will have a look at your post later today when I have some more time.

      So as far as niche goes I think I will stick to the lifestyle type topics cause as you say there is a lot you can kinda fit under that. I will check out the other two links as well.

      I have been following Jenny’s blog for a little bit, she has a lot of info on there and I love her posts. I have joined Get Blogged, however, this domain, which I really don’t want to do sponsored posts or advertising on is a DA20 according to them and my other, the one I want to monetize I think is only like DA6 because it is newer and they never seem to have anything less than a DA10 so I have to work on bringing it up to a DA10 as soon as possible.

      I really do appreciate all of your help and suggestions and I will try and implement as much as I can! Thanks!
      Kirsten recently posted…Blogging & Monetization

      1. You’re welcome! That’s great you started using Twitter. There’s a lot you can do on there!
        Yes a lifestyle niche is pretty much an umbrella category so it would work well!
        Jenny does have a lot of great info on her blog & her ebooks are helpful as well.
        Oh okay! They have DA 5+ assignments as a category on Get Blogged so I guess it’s just a matter of checking when they actually have those assingments. But yes in the meantime you can work on improving your DA. Jenny also has a post on how to improve your DA too!

        1. I will look for her post on that as well. That’s one thing I don’t quite understand so I am sure her post will help for sure! Thanks again!

    1. Yeah, I have been searching twitter for #bloggerswanted and #bloggersrequired for things like that. I haven’t found anything just yet. Thanks for the reply!

  3. Your sponsored posts should be something that is relevant to the blog’s niche. Wigs? Not really. Don’t do random stuff just for the sake of money. Do collaborations in areas you are interested in and what fits the blog. It’s always obvious when bloggers take any offer and there are random sponsored posts about anything.
    Have you read Problogger? That’s the only “about blogging”-blog that I find useful and serious, to be honest. He has some good stuff on there, and he does online courses too.

    1. I totally agree! I ended up not doing that one for that reason. I did two since Friday that fit in with the blogs niche(s) that I finally settled on, lifestyle, chronic illness, and & mental illness as I think they kind of can go hand in hand. I am happy with the two I did. I want to be somewhat picky and choosy with what I do and spread my monetization around so it is not all sponsored posts and not all ads, but a mix of things so no one is inundated with annoying sponsored posts that don’t fit like you said or ads that get in the way or pop up etc. I refuse pop up/unders or large banners. I want everything to look like it fits in and flows but also stands out enough in a good way that they notice it. I think it will take a bit of time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I think right now it’s looking pretty good I am satisfied with the whole blog all around. I just need to work on certain aspects of my photography more so I can create and use my own photos more often.

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