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What is the one skill you see in other bloggers that you wish you had?

When I visit a blog for the first time the thing that tends to strike me the most is how often you post. More so then the quality of your posts or what you post about. I enjoy reading about other peoples thoughts and feelings and about their day in general but if you write really infrequently or there is months at a time between posts I tend to loose interest.

Oddly enough the thing I admire most in other bloggers is the one thing I can not seem to accomplish myself. Sometimes it seems no matter how hard I try or how much I wish it. I just never seem capable of accomplishing it. Sometimes it is that I can not seem to get in the mood to write but often I don’t really have anything to write about and can not come up with ideas.

I believe I tried this (NaBloPoMo) once before and I don’t remember if I made it a whole month or not but it seems kind of unaccomplishable for me. Why? Mostly because I am unable to manage my time and set aside some time each day to do things. I have a list of things I would like to do every day: exercise, reading, blogging, cleaning & quality time with Cory among other things. I get them in usually a few times a week however I am not very good at time management and fitting smaller amounts into more blocks of time rather then larger amounts into less blocks of time.

The more I write the more I realize that what I see in other bloggers that I wish I had the most is a sense of organization, of being able to manage my time to get everything done in a day that everyone else always seems to be able to get done, and therefor have something to write about. Sometimes I feel like my day evolves around, getting up for work, going to work, being at work, getting home for work, relaxing and recovering from work. Not a very interesting topic.

Its not that I have a job that takes over everything else in my life. It really doesn’t. It’s that I do not know how to manage my day so that everything falls into it’s own little space and I am able to get everything done that needs to be done. So I guess I would have to say organization is the one skill I see in other bloggers (not all bloggers obviously but many) that I really really wish I had.

I believe this would give me more to write about in the long run and more balance to my life. How can I accomplish this? I don’t know… But I am open to suggestions!

I am going to try participating in NaBloPoMo for the remainder of November. Not sure if you are supposed to start half way through or not but I guess better late then never right? That’s my motto anyways.

NaBloPoMo November 2014 – Day #13

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