bored and more bored

Wow… there was lots of old faces today! Elena came back a while ago but I never saw her till today. Tiffany came back a few weeks ago and my old team leader (Tiffany’s sister) Jen came back today. Lesa left meaning Bethany is looking after all FNS right now. Elena took the part time Customer Service Supervisor position. Billy left QA a while ago but is still there just not in QA. And they fired Alana! So it was like a blast from the past with Jen, Elana, and Tiffany all back. Kinda weird. Mike B comes back tomorrow from vacation… But I got a few days off. Tomorrow, and Wednesday.

Colored out of boredom. I’m so bored….

I’ll be happy to get rid of this headache once and for all. Suppose the musics not helping but what the hell right

In other news i bought a pound of reeses pieces. Wanna share? I’m hooked!

Oh! I have to say this. It’s hilarious… to me anyways. I have a cousin Robynne (don’t laugh at my hair!) that is 2 and mom went yesterday to Truro with her sister Ferne (Robynne’s mom) and Ferne had the baby and Liam with her and her boyfriend Condon. Anyways on the way home Robynne went with mom. Mom stopped to get peaches along the way somewhere in Dartmouth or Fall River area. Anyways she went in and when she was paying she was holding Robynne. The girl said to Robynne “Would you pass this to your Gram for me” and passes Robynne a bill cause Robynne wanted to pay. Lol she called my mom Gram! She thought my mom was the baby’s grandmother. When mom got to Aunt Fernes Condon took the baby from her and mom says to him “I need to get som hair dye”. Condon (who’s a sweet heart) kinda looks at my mom funny then at Aunt Ferne who was laughing cause she knew what was comming.

People think Robynne’s mine all the time… technically she could be. Was 22 when she was born.

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