Burntcoat Head Park

On July 4th Eddie and I went to a place I have been wanting to go for a while, Burntcoat Head Park here in Nova Scotia. When the tide is out you can walk the ocean floor. It’s pretty neat. We had to time it just right for the evening high and low tides. We started heading out to get there just as it was high tide. I had taken a few pictures on my camera but I haven’t even looked at them really yet. I know it was 10 days ago but I have been busy starting my new job and just didn’t have the time. I planned this weekend but never had the time either. Maybe next weekend I will. So more pictures will follow in a Part 2 later. The following were all taken with my LG camera phone. Which is not a bad camera.

When the tide is out you can walk around the Island that is pictured above. When the tide is high the bottom rocks that you can see in the above picture are completely covered over. We arrived in time to see a gentleman swim out to the Island. So I am guessing that the current there must not be that strong there.

We started walking out as the tide started going down, which happened surprisingly fast. We were able to walk around the whole Island within two hours or so and that was stopping to take pictures and play in the mud and look at life on the ocean floor. We could have done a quick walk all the way around in less then 30 minutes probably, but honestly, why would you? It’s something you have to take your time and enjoy but pay attention to the tides.

The colors were just awesome. It was late in the afternoon into the early evening while were were there and as the sun went lower in the sky the colors were so vibrant as it was a very warm humid 28°C. The water and mud was so cool and refreshing. We each wore water shoes we picked up from Wal-Mart before going, which was perfect as they have a thick rubber bottom. I’m glad I thought of it

The water had carved out some pretty neat caves in the rocks of the Island and also the surrounding coastline. We were restricted to where we could go because of some of the wildlife that is endangered in the area so we were not able to go to the left after we went down the stairs only the right.

Overall I loved it and would love to go back again to see it in the evening again and stay to catch the actual sunset. We didn’t stay that late as we were going camping the next day at my parents camp on the St. Mary’s Bay. We had a lot of fun camping as well and plan to get as many weekends as we can this summer. They have set up a beautiful site down by the water at the place they are living. We didn’t go this weekend simply because Edward hurt his foot and is off it a few days. Nothing major just aggravated an old injury, a fracture from about 10-15 years ago that was never treated properly. Hopefully next weekend we will be able to do something. He hopefully shouldn’t have to be off it long and will be back to work Thursday.

17 thoughts on “Burntcoat Head Park

  1. This is so pretty! It’s so nice that you really got to explore the place and take some nice pictures. I agree, I also think it’s better to just enjoy the view and not rush through a place

    I hope Edward feels better soon!

  2. These photos look amazing, the ground looks like it might be clay? I’ve noticed that at the beaches where I live that the tide will go back down a lot faster than it will come back in. I know the tide is important for those type of places. I hope Edward is doing better.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the ground there is mostly clay or clay-sand mix. It’s reddish and beautiful. I am not sure the technicalities of it but it does seem like the tide comes in a lot faster then it goes out and you really don’t want to get stuck out there when it comes in. There was a guy there that day swimming between the land and island but I imagine it is a pretty strong current. He said he did it every day during the better weather.

  3. Looks like a really nice time! It is really crazy how the tides can change things so much. I have only seen something small in comparison but I was a kid at the time so it seemed really cool. The photos look really amazing! Such a pretty place. It makes me want to go out and do stuff… if it wasn’t so hot and I could walk again hehe.

    1. Thanks Ashley. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world and that part Burntcoat Head Park is part of the area of the Bay of Fundy with the highest recorded. I really can’t wait to go back as that was only my first time going. I would love to do an actual guided tour.

    1. It’s easy to get out and explore, much easier then I thought. It’s really about starting close to home and just working your way out further. Facebook groups, Google groups and just Googling places locally to go can give you a ton of ideas. Pack a picnic lunch, fill your car with gas if you have one, or borrow or convince a friend with one to go with you and just get out and have fun. Winter, believe it or not, is super refreshing to be outside and if your dressed right and have what you need with you (again a google search will tell you what to bring) then it can be a lot of fun. Just pick a day off and go!

  4. You are such a good photographer.
    I agree it’s not good to rush. Why explore a place if your going to rush?

    I hope Edward feels better.

    1. Thanks Julia, I am still learning but I love it. And yes no point in rushing. I find it best to pick 1 or 2 places each time I go out so I am not rushing. And yes he does, thank you.

  5. Omg, the scenery is amazing! I’m so blessed to lived in NS! I have actually never been to this spot though, but I definitely need to. I looks so gorgeous! Congrats on the new job as well.

    1. Thanks Dee, hard to believe it’s been 6 months almost since I started the new job. I really need to get better at blogging lol. NS is honest to god one of the most beautiful places I have been and I have traveled a lot. I feel blessed to live here. And even more blessed to be able to explore. It is soo much fun.

  6. OMG your photos are amazing, and congrats on the new job girl! That is super awesome. You make me want to get back into photography again lol

    1. Thanks so much! Photography is amazing. I wish I was more disciplined though and that I could take some courses. Even free online ones are good but I just find I lose interest before I get into the stuff I don’t know. I would rather do then read/watch.

    1. Honestly, I am not sure. I would have to do some research ahead of time on tide times and see when the tide being out coinciding with a sunrise or sunset. For someone who has lived around tides for more than 3/4 of my life I honestly know next to nothing about them.

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