11 thoughts on “Shubie Canal and Sambro

  1. I love these photos! Your new camera I guess? I especially like the first one, and the fourth one, and the one with the squirrel. Well done and I’m glad you are getting out with the camera.

    1. Thank Susanne. I have not had a chance to go out again but hopefully this weekend I can take some pictures. I love the squirrel and duck as well. I am not sure they turned out as good as they could have. I have no post-processing skills at all really.

  2. These photos are really neat. We don’t have squrrials in my country (New Zealand) so it’s neat to see them around! Are they pests where you live? They’re so adorable!

  3. I miss you online.. wondering if you’re ok. I have no idea about e-mails and stuff.. if you read this, could you please just give an update on how you are doing?

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