“Camping” in the Backyard

Photo by Goutham Krishna on Unsplash

We are spending some time “camping” at my parents this week. I am not sure how long we are staying for, maybe a few nights here then a few nights back home and just keep doing that for the rest of the summer. I want to maximize the rest of the summer and get as much time “camping” as possible. I say “camping” in brackets because honestly, we are in a clearing in their backyard. Not at a campground or even down at the beach as we were last year. It’s camping all the same and lots of fun.

Last year they had the popup camper set up down at the beach on the same property. This year they decided to have it a bit closer. It’s about a kilometre walk down a wooded path to the beach. It’s a little farther then my Dad can easily walk right now to go all the way down to the beach. Towards the end of last year, he was taking the lawn tractor down. After putting up the pool in the clearing about a third of the way down the path they figured there was lots of room so why not put a camper there. Then they decided to bring the second camper up from the beach and put it there as well.

So we are staying in the second camper, the pop up one for a few days. I am really enjoying it. We spend a lot of time with them and this just lets us spend time camping like we used to without actually having to go to a campground. It’s a good way to chill out and relax and get some pool time in. I am loving the pool. It’s so nice to be able to float around in the saltwater and relax. I have been in it a number of times already and we should be able to enjoy it possibly right into September, depending on the weather. It’s been super hot all summer so far.

We have had heatwave after heatwave all June and July. Hottest June on record and July is pretty hot too. I don’t usually do well in the heat but being outside in the pool, in the shade of the trees and sleeping at night outside in the tent has helped with this a lot. I am doing much better than I usually do. It’s also giving me a nice distraction from worrying about everything else.

6 thoughts on ““Camping” in the Backyard

  1. That sounds nice. I’ve never been any form of camping myself. I miss having a pool to play in too. That sounds really nice too. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  2. I miss camping!! Good for you to do outdoor stuff
    We totally missed summer when this pandemic occur. Totally ruined summer plans XD
    Our june onwards are rainy seasons here so no more summer outings Hopefully next year
    Hina recently posted…Hello August!

    1. We’ve had a super hot summer so camping outside has been as much a nessessity for us as something fun to do. Its so hot our air conditioner can’t keep up. I am sorry to hear that your summer was ruined by COVID-19. For us it was springtime which is more rainy for us,

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