Car, Cory and other stuff!

Cory and I had a couple of major weights lifted off of us today! I was able to cut my car insurance bill quite a bit. Initially my payment for this month was supposed to come out on the 15th, which would not show till the 18th, which was one day before I get paid. Normally I would just make sure that I saved enough from the last pay and it would be no big deal however this time I did not get paid enough on my last pay (being sick and all) to ensure that the money was there. So I called my insurance company to see if they could delay it by one day. Seems simple enough eh?

Apparently not… they had to put in a request which took a week. I called them about it the week before last to give them plenty of time. They came back to me yesterday saying yes they could do it however it would mean that my payments, which were ridiculous as it was at 246.82 a month, would be 370.24 for December 18th and January 18th, then go back down to around 246.82!  Doing the math if you divide 246.82 in half and then add 246.82 to that half it equals 370.23.

So they were basically dropping one payment off the year and combining it onto two of my regular payments. So I went from having to pay 246.82 on December 15th to 370.24 if I moved it technically 4 days to the 19th! Needless to say I was not happy with that. My pay would not even be that much. My car payment itself is only 165.85 bi-weekly. So for the last year I have been paying 578.52 a month for my car payment and insurance! That’s not even counting gas, maintenance, etc.

So I decided one, that I could not pay 370.24 a month for 2 months of insurance. That was just way too much and two, that I was not going to continue paying 246.82 a month any longer for insurance. I was going to find something cheaper. I had no choice… I tried getting my broker to find something cheaper but she kept telling me there was nothing cheaper because I have had 2 at fault accidents in the past 6 years.

I called around and on the second try I called TD Canada Auto and Home Insurance, who are actually located in my building at work, and who my company has a group rate for. They quoted me 76.00 a month which is 876.00 a year! That’s 1/3 of what I was already paying (2961.84 a year) and 1/4 of those larger payments they wanted to take out from my current company! I got quoted 19.58 a month for tenant insurance which would also bring my auto from 76.00 a month to 73.00 a month.

So now for 92.58 a month I am getting the same auto coverage plus home tenancy coverage! So that really blew my mind. That I have been paying 2/3 more a month for my auto insurance then I really needed to be. I wish I had of called around myself a year ago when my insurance went up from like 150.00 to 246.82. Would have saved me a heck of a lot of money. But no point kicking myself for it. Might as well just be happy that I will now be saving that much.

Now that I have bored you to death with numbers, the second thing that was a weight lifted off us was that Cory has been approved for long-term disability until he is 65 through Costco’s insurance and he is still considered an employee so we get all the little extras, like a turkey at Christmas time, his free Costco membership, etc. On top of being accepted she said he will still be getting the same amount a month as he is now, possibly even a little more, but definitely not less. He is guaranteed not to get less.

I can not explain how much of a relief that is to us. His Charcot-Marie-Tooth is not going to get better, it is progressive and will continue to get worse and he is going to need the care and stuff that he would not get if he did not get approved for long-term. Also, had he not gotten approved they would have forced him to re-train to do something else. With CMT his fine motor skills are affected. His manual dexterity is very limited and will get worse as his disease progresses, and his feet are already really bad. He shakes so bad he can not hold a cup without spilling something, not sometimes but always. So re-training is not an option and will never be.

Everything feels a lot better to me now. I am feeling better myself. I still am not 100 percent and I am concerned about the constant colds, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia and my FMS, but at least I know that he is taken care of and we can now concentrate on me and my issues. It’s gonna be a long fight for the both of us, and add in that we want to have children soon before it is too late for us which will be a big undertaking and a concern all in it’s own (because of my FMS and the ovarian cysts and other things) but I feel like fighting again. Which I did not last week. I just felt like giving up. It’s amazing how just a few seemingly small things can change your whole outlook. Thankfully for the better this time. I have hope and I plan on holding on to it.

It’s funny while writing this I am watching The Little Couple on TLC and I have to say I really feel inspired by them. How they are overcoming their obstacles and medical complications and have adopted two kids who also have medical issues all while she was undergoing chemo for cancer and how positive they are. I know it’s just a show but I really enjoy watching it and watching how they tackle life head on and see it as a gift and a blessing and not a curse see page.

6 thoughts on “Car, Cory and other stuff!

  1. That is so awesome that you were able to find somewhere that was so much cheaper and with the added bonus. It is a shame that you didn’t know about it earlier, but at least you found at now. I am sure that will make things easier.

    That is really great news about the long-term disability. It would not be fair at all to expect him to retrain when he is going through so much.

    I am really glad that things are looking up.

  2. I’m so glad you are feeling better about things!! Great news about Cory’s disability pay. I hope you will now be able to relax a bit and enjoy the Christmas!

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