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The beginning of this week kinda sucked…Been dealing with the stupid car all week. Needs a new battery apparently. I’ve also been dealing with Network Solutions trying to transfer my domain name out from them, but apparently they do not want to let it go! It’s getting annoying.

My Mom and Dad came up yesterday for a doctors appointment. Unfortunately, I was working and was not able to see them as they wanted to get home in case it started to snow and could not wait for me to get off of work. Dad was able to test my battery and alternator and he said the power coming out of the alternator is fine, but not the battery. So that confirms the battery needs to be replaced.

In one way I am glad to hear it is only the battery, however if it was the alternator or something else like that then it would likely be covered under warranty and then it would not be my problem and I would not be stuck with paying for any of it myself. Oh well, a battery is not really that expensive anyways. I just really don’t have the money.

I’m sure that people at my work are really tired of listening to me complain about it. As I am sure people on my Facebook are. I am tired of complaining about the damn car myself. So far since Dad boosted it I have been starting it and running it as much as I can. But still have not really been able to drive it much. I was able to get it started last night and drive Cory’s sister Kristy home but that’s the only time that I have driven in 2 weeks.

As for Network solutions I have been trying for over a week to get an authorization code from them for transferring my domain out and I can not seem to get a working one from them. At first I called and they said it would be emailed, the next day it was not there, called again and they said they had no record of it. Asked for it again, next days still wasn’t there, called again and again no record, asked them again and this time I got it, gave it to OfBlue, they tried it and said it was invalid, called Network Solutions back and they sent the same code again, told them it was the same, he put me on hold to check with his supervisor who said it is always the same, but was regenerated and should be okay and get them to try again. Sent the code and a copy of the email with the code to OfBlue and am waiting to hear back from them.

I’m so glad the weekend is here. Now I need to prepare my taxes so I can get a new battery for the car and some winter tires so that I can get it back on the road…

2 thoughts on “Cars & Domains

  1. Sounds lime a busy week.

    Ugh had the same probably with my car. My battery went out a couple months ago. Frustrating. I was glad it was something small because my cars not under warranty.

    Hope everything with the domain is better!

    1. Thanks Arelene, still waiting on the domain and battery too, car’s dead again today and I don’t really wanna go anywhere today to get a battery cause of everything going on here…

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