A little update…

Two posts, one day… I decided to post a bit of an update about me health-wise. As some of you might know I have been struggling with Fibromyalgia, previously un-diagnosed, for some years now. Since I was about 17 actually. I was finally diagnosed last March with it and with Pre-Diabetes at the same time. I have had issues with vertigo which I am still unsure if this is something on its own or part of the Fibro diagnosis.

I have been on amitriptyline for more then 12 months now, 6 of which I have been at 30 mg, which is a fairly low dose. However, this along with physical and vestibular physical therapy has helped a great deal. I have mostly gotten the pain, vertigo and other symptoms under control. I still have the “Fibro Fog” and cognitive issues, however amitriptyline is know for causing the same symptoms so it is likely compounded from that. I can still function for the most part, I just have to work harder and remove distractions and make sure that I get a really good nights rest.

Overall I am doing really well and am really pleased with my progress find out here.  I am happy that I am able to do all this with only one medication. Previously I was on 6-10 different meds and the side effects were unmanageable.

My next step I have already started, which is to reverse the pre-diabetes if I can and become healthier and loose some weight. I am going to the gym 2-3 times a week still, every night was just too much for my body to handle. I was doing really well with food and healthy eating, however I have slipped a little. When we get paid tomorrow and get the car we are going to go shopping and I am going to make sure I have lots of unprocessed healthy foods, mixed in with the less healthy stuff.

I quit counting calories.  It drove me nuts. I was hungry all the time. I think if I control portions, add lots of healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grains and cut the processed and fast food as well as the sugary drinks down quite a bit that I will still loose weight. I’m not sure about that one. My best friend (a nutritionist and big suppliment and 100% unproccessed fan) disagree on that one. I am sure I should probably listen to her, she knows what she is talking about, however my mind has not yet accepted the reality of it all I think. I am certain I can get there though, somehow.

Fibromyalgia, sleep, diabetes and weight loss

I am finally using my gym membership! In the last 14 days I have been to the Canada Games Centre gym 7 times for 1 1/2 – 2 hours each time, gone on 5 long walks on the other days and had 2 days “off” (went camping 4 days out of the 14). I am really loving the exercise.

My boyfriends sister has been going with me. From here on out we plan on going 2 days in a row and taking the 3rd “off”. In still plan on doing something on those days, a walk maybe. I’ve been walking on the treadmill and am working my speed up to a jog. Doesn’t sound like much, but to someone who spends the evenings and weekends on the couch its a good start.

My family doctor said loosing weight would be helpful for my fibromyalgia.  So did the specialist. I’m 191 lbs (86.6 kg), my goal is 125 lbs (56.7 kg). I have not really set a time frame though. I’m hoping it will lower my blood sugar as well as help with the sleep and pain issues associated with the fibromyalgia.

I’m also really hoping that it’ll make getting pregnant easier. We’ve sort of stopped trying or doing anything right now. To many health problems for the both of us. I was getting frustrated and he was just loosing interest altogether, something else we’ve got to deal with at some point I guess… but that’s something I don’t wan’t to think about or get into at the moment.

I just need to keep myself motivated!

Always so cold

I have noticed something lately that seems to be another symptom possibly of Fibromyalgia that I had not really thought of before, however seems to be happening often. I am always cold. I mean hands and feet turning blue! It happens a lot. I will lay in bed at night trying to cuddle as close to Cory as possible because he is always so warm and I am forever feeling cold. He says my feet and hands are like ice.

I don’t really know if this has to do with Fibromyalgia or with maybe poor circulation but it is hard to regulate my body heat, especially in the winter. Turning up the heat has little effect till the house is sweltering and Cory is complaining it is too hot. My fingers and toes are numb with cold most of the time. I guess it’s something to ask my doctor about. Just another thing to add the the ever growing list of things…