A Story About A Girl

Lighthouses, beachcombing & campfires

Eddie and I went last week to Weymouth to get some drinking water from the spring there as the water at my parent’s house though technically safe to drink, bathe and cook with smells and tastes gross so they refill water at the old Jones bottling plant there that has a spring outside that is free for everyone to use and a frequent place for people to get water in droughts.

On the way back we stopped quickly at Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse as I wanted a picture of the lighthouse and also to check out the beach there. [...]  READ MORE

Colour Therapy

I have been working a lot lately. Typing pretty much from the time I get up until an hour or two before bed. It’s tiring but we really needed to get the stuff out to the client. Mom, Edward and I have all been working on it. I enjoy typing but I find after a while of staring at the screen, listening to what they say and trying to get it all down, my mind is mush. My productivity really suffers and likely my quality as well. Mom proofs everything so I know she’ll catch any mistakes but still. I need to take more short breaks.

When I worked in call centers, especially the last two I was in I would always keep an adult colouring book or two and some markers or more likely pencil crayons in or on my desk. The last call center I was in we didn’t have much “down time” or time between calls so I mostly coloured during calls. Especially longer calls that I was walking someone through something or if the call was getting frustrating or I was getting yelled at I would do it to calm down and stay focused. It helped me focus a lot. In the call center before that, we just had a lot of in-between time on my project so I coloured mostly out of boredom. [...]  READ MORE