I need a vacation

You would think that after months of off work due to health reasons and only being back about 2 weeks full-time that vacation would be the last thing on my mind… but its not! Everyone at work is going on vacation this month and early next and its made me realize in 16 years of working the only official vacation I took was 2 weeks about 3 years ago!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks but they pretty much have everything sorted out. I do not have [glossary slug=”multiple-sclerosis-ms”]MS[/glossary], which is really good news. The bad news is: I have [glossary slug=”fibromyalgia”]Fibromyalgia[/glossary] and [glossary slug=”diabetes”]Diabetes[/glossary]. Between the two of them they account for almost all of my symptoms and a few I had that I never even really thought of until I was told by other people symptoms they had. For example. I have had “floaters” or black or dark grey spots in my vision for a while. I always assumed it was just part of getting older. Never thought much about it. But apparently they can happen because your sugars get high, the numbness I started experiencing can be from either/or [Fibro or Diabetes]. READ MORE

poor daddy!

I forgot to mention we “found” my father the other night. His phone’s not working well and after it gets from 3 bars (for the battery) to 2. It doesn’t ring anymore even though it goes to voice mail (which he doesn’t even have!). And he didn’t know how to call collect… (Umm… yeah… try 0, and ask to make a collect call… lol). So my mother wasn’t very impressed to say the least. His work actually called the RCMP and reported him missing!

So that brings us to today (wasn’t home the night before last so wasn’t around for anything to happen and last night was fairly quiet) 8:30 or quarter to 9 o’clock we’re all sitting around the table eating breakfast (which doesn’t happen all that often). Dad gets up and goes into they’re room to get a shower. All we hear is a scream and a thump. Mom goes running. And dad’s doubled over on the floor in pain. Say’s it’s his kidney area of his back. And he can’t move. Eventually she gets him (he was still dressed) to the bed in there room. I’m standing in the hall. Not really sure what’s going on. And he says to her “either get me to the bathroom fast or get something here fast I’m gonna be sick”. READ MORE

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