Spring? Maybe?

It actually went up to 7°C today! It’s beautiful out, didn’t manage to melt much snow however it was better then the -10 or so with the windchill yesterday and cold northerly wind. I am so happy and excited for spring to be here. Hopefully there will be very little snow from here on out. We still have so much that needs to melt. I’m praying for no major flooding.

I was approached by a friend of a friend of my Mom’s to possibly put together a website for a historical society. They want to use WordPress or something like that to put together a site or revamp an old site that they have. I am really interested in doing it however they are asking for a quote and I have never charged for anything before and have absolutely no idea how much to charge for a site.

I have been thinking about it all day and have not got back to them yet, they are looking for a quote by Friday or Monday at the very latest. I was going to work up something but can not access my cPanel or WHM on my account so I had to put in a ticket for that. I just wanted to get an idea of how easy it would be, or how not so easy.

It’s simple enough really, I can either buy a theme and customize it or use a free one that allows for commercial or non-profit use and customize it or I can even create from scratch, but I am not sure time-wise if I have time for that or if they would be okay with a customized pre-made theme or if they would want one built from scratch and I know what I charge should/would depend on how much time I have to put into it and all but I just don’t really have a clue when it comes to pricing and what I can even accomplish in the time frame they are looking for. I am going to have to contact her tomorrow and get a better idea after work.

You know you live in the Maritimes when…

I was woken up at 8:30 this morning after 4 hours of sleep to go out in the middle of a snow storm to get groceries. This was Cory’s brainchild not mine. So in my PJ’s I bundled up in my too small winter jacket and hat and mittens braved the snow covered roads in my trusty little Cobalt LT and went shopping. Seriously?! WTF!

Not my car but you get the idea!
Not my car but you get the idea!

To my own credit I suggested doing this last night, but he wanted to go out to a friends and his exact words were “oh it won’t be that bad”, tell that to my car that kept sliding everywhere. Stupid, stupid idea. We made it home covered in snow and half frozen but in one piece.

This was this afternoon, again not my picture but it shows how much we got, and we got more after that.
This was this afternoon, again not my picture but it shows how much we got, and we got more after that.

Overall the province got more then 30-38 cm (11.8-15 in), with Halifax getting about 35cm (14.8 in), since about suppertime it is now freezing rain on top of that. A plow has not gone down our road since earlier and our car is buried and the road covered in snow still. Hopefully the truck that does our parking lot comes before morning. The plow dumped a bunch of snow at the entrance to our parking lot.

Tomorrow I work at 9 AM, and I am training a class so I have to be there. Should be an interesting morning. I’ll be in bed before to long so I can get up early and dig my way out in the light of the day. After all the freezing rain we are getting it’s gonna be one hell of a mess.

As I am writing this, the snow plow guys came to do our apartment’s parking lot, so I had to go out and move my car, there is still a lot of snow and tons of water and ice. Overnight it’s supposed to go to -4°C (feels like -10°C) so you know it’s all going to freeze. It’s going to me a messy week.

On another note, Cory gave me my big Christmas present early. $100 to renew all my domain names (3 currently) and my reseller package. It’s given me the push to really get my hosting moved over to it’s own domain. I am currently in the process of trying to set it up and make it look more professional.

I am struggling on whether to use WordPress or look into using something else. I really don’t want to pay for anything right now till I get it up and running and get more hostees (both free and paid) then I will look into buying or designing a really nice theme and maybe try a different CMS. I’d currently really struggling to find a decent free WordPress theme I can use and/or adapt for the site. I have no idea what to use.