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A Broken Toe & New Theme

Between my husband and I we should be locked up in bubble wrapped, rubber padded rooms. Eddie broke his pinky toe and damaged the one beside it and has a huge bruise on his foot. He had a run in with my office chair. Needless to say, the chair won He’s been told to keep off it for 2-3 days then take it easy after that. When he first did it it was displaced I think. It was crooked, but he sat down and started playing with it and all I heard was a pop after the initial crack and then he said it hurt less.

The x-ray tech said it was definitely broken and that it was no longer displaced and suggested he just tape the two toes together because even though the other one hurt and was cut and bruised it was not broken, might be fractured a bit. I swear everyone in my family is a klutz, last weekend my brother dropped a bed rail while they were moving things from the cottage to the house on my mom’s arm. That had a huge hematoma and bruise and she is waiting the results of an x-ray (her tech was not as nice as my husbands). So she could have a broken arm as well. The doctor said there was a good chance it was broken so she was splinted. And I am still on crutches

In other news, the new theme is ready. I am not entirely sure I am happy with it or even like it It’s something different, a change, I guess. I still have the old one in case. I just copied it and changed the colors and a few other things. It was my theme I made with Underscores anyways. I had initially planed on doing a 1980’s theme in blue, pink, green and yellow but I abandoned that when I didn’t end up liking it. I still have it so I might keep working on it. I abandoned it for a 1950’s theme which I was going to make a logo for. I abandoned that as well. I ended up just going with colors I liked. I got bored with creating a theme pretty quickly. I get frustrated when it doesn’t go my way. [...] 


I am so excited I purchased a year of the Photography plan for Photoshop & Lightroom. I have never used Lightroom before but love using Photoshop. I really want to get back into photography since I have a perfectly good camera sitting on a shelf at home doing nothing. A Cannon Rebel T5 DSLR. Which I bought 2 or 3 years ago now. I’m even still paying on it and it has been sitting in my closet. What a waste. Time to get some use out of it and maybe concentrate on something other then diabetes.

So to help with that I purchased an annual plan that includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and 20GB of cloud storage which I really don’t need but why not since it comes with it. I am so excited to play around with it and do some tutorials and such. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I used to spend hours playing around with Photoshop.

I miss spending hours on my website and designing and just playing around. I need something to distract me so this seemed like a good plan. I know Edward was a little more cautious about it because for us it’s a bit of money to fork out right now but honestly it’s only $15 a month ($180/year) but I so badly wanted it. I downloaded yesterday evening and have been playing with it ever since :) [...] 

What a pain in the @$$

Sometime over the last few days my site got hacked along with another site I host. It’s so frustrating, this is the second time for me, last time I just said the hell with it and started over, I think I moved hosts at that time to and just completely started over. With the help of Erin Nicole and Ofblue Hosting everything is back up and running. Thank you guys so much!

I lost my posts between New Years Day and the last one I posted last week sometime and all my image files. Which really sucks but it could have been worse. I decided not to use the same theme again. I think that is how they hacked the site. I am using a temporary one I downloaded from the WordPress themes database which I kinda like. Might keep it for a bit, or it might be changed tomorrow. Who knows!

I have no plugins installed. I need to find a good one for backing up purposes so that I do not have to go through this again. I need to find a way to back up my hostees sites as well. Maybe there is something right in WHM or cPanel that I am overlooking? I know in cPanel there is a backup wizard that can backup stuff to my computer but I was hoping to utilize Dropbox or somewhere else cause I don’t want my computers space eaten up and my computer is not all that reliable right now anyways.  Any and all suggestions are welcome. Same with plugins in general. As long as they are kept up to date. [...]  READ MORE

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