What was he thinking?

As more information becomes available about the guy that worked with us that planned the failed massacre plot at the mall on Valentines Day, the more disconcerting and confusing it’s becoming. Co-workers are starting to speak out to the media and more information is being dug up on social media showing his intent to open fire on his co-workers at my work. If you have no idea what I am talking about reading this post explains more.

A co-worker of mine alleges that he talked to her about shooting up the workplace. There is an article in the paper about it from yesterday and another co-worker of mine sent me a link to it on Facebook. But I have questions, questions I hope will be answered soon in one way, and in another way I wonder if maybe we are better off not knowing.

If he opened up to her or mentioned to her about opening fire at our work, why did it take her a week to go to the media with it? I wonder if she was the one who tipped off the police… If not did she just think it was a joke? Another question I would have is when was this supposed to have happened? The plan for the mall was for Saturday the 14th of February and he was arrested on early Friday morning the 13th at 2am picking up the girl that was accused along with him.

Apparently he quit work on Thursday the 12th. So when would have have done it? Why did he quit on Thursday? What would have been the point in quitting? Especially if you planned on opening fire on your work place the next day or day after. Were we really less then 7 hours away from him actually doing it on Friday? They arrested him at 2am, most people are at work by 9am… was it really that close? Would we really have been in that position in a few more hours? My boyfriends mom works with me, my ex-boyfriend works with me, both of them on the same floor of the building as he was on. I am one floor below. We go back and forth all the time. He would have had access to both floors. Was the mall the original target or were we actually the original target?

I mean if he planned on opening fire at work on Friday, what would make him think he would make it to Saturday for them to open fire in the mall on Saturday together? What the hell was going through their minds? I know as the trial begins that some things that we probably don’t want to hear or know about may come out. Maybe the woman alleging this is only saying it for the attention. Then again, she did not give her name, no one knows exactly who she is. Why would she lie about it?

Either way, none of us can stop thinking about it. Even though we don’t really talk about it outright, I am sure we are all have questions.

Just a short update

It’s hump day and it really feels like hump day. I can’t wait for this week to be over. I have waited on average 1 1/2 hours each evening after work for a cab that tonight never showed up (after 1 hour and 45 minutes). A co-worker offered to drive me home and before I had a chance to call the cab company the driver called me and I answered not thinking and he gave me an earful… so I yelled right back. Won’t be calling that cab company anytime soon.

I’m in awe of human beings. Since I started supporting software I have been called every name in the book. I get people who don’t know how to turn on a computer and navigate Windows or the Mac OS and they expect you to solve everything for them… including errors that have nothing to do with any of our software and clearly say so. Spent 45 minutes today trying to explain to a woman who could not even find the power button on her Mac that I can not explain to her how to install software if she did not know  how to turn on her computer or what a file or web browser was. This is going to be a bit of an adjustment period I think.

Oh yeah, and it looks like I wont be going to New Brunswick for my Great-Grandmothers birthday after all. Pretty bummed about that. But hoping Mom and I can go in the spring. Would like to take Cory there and spend some time in the cabin on the lake that my Aunt and Uncle own. They said pretty much anytime.

I’m a software agent!

So today was my first day as a software agent officially as last week they still had me taking hardware calls on Friday and doing any software emails as they came into the bin, as there was not enough software emails in the bin. I was a bit excited last night about a full day of emails while listening to music. However they ended up just sticking me on the phones in the afternoon as there was no emails left in the bin. Nothing like getting thrown into the fire…

There is so much difference between hardware and software it is unbelievable. With hardware you have projectors and with the exception of the interactive projectors that actually just project onto the wall or a plain old whiteboard (the old school kind) and the touch is through the pen or through what they call a light curtain, anyways the rest of the projectors are just that, a projector that connects to a computer and gets image via a VGA or HDMI cable and that the touch part is the actual whiteboard which connects to the computer via USB.

There is many things with hardware that can go wrong, image issues, touch issues, kids breaking things, pens not writing, etc and it usually all comes down to something not plugged in or something that someone broke. Typically though it is usually just common sense that as you are walking a teacher through steps on fixing the issue it clicks in their head and their head (until next time anyways when they seem to forget everything you told them a week before when it happened lol). Sometimes also the boards need to be calibrated or oriented etc. All simple stuff. All fairly easy for me to understand. Though I am sure I remember feeling overwhelmed myself in training 3 years ago and almost breaking down and crying one day.

But with software there is way way more issues that can go wrong. There are errors, there are usability issues, installation issues, computer issues, OS issues, compatibility issues, and just plain “the issue is between the computer and the chair” issues. If you don’t get that one, think about it a sec, who is between your computer and your chair? Lol you would be surprised how many people do not get that…

It’s all a little overwhelming but I am just glad to have something different to do, some calls where I feel challenged and have to really dig to find the answers rather then walking away from my computer, grabbing a drink while talking and saying everything by memory.

It’s different, that’s for sure and despite myself I am actually going to love it I think. Even if I resisted so long.

Other then that it was an interesting day in other ways. Last week I was moved over by a window from in the middle of the center. I forgot how much I missed sitting by the window. Hopefully these 2 images will explain themselves.