I think I must have been born under a lucky star! So imagine my surprise to come home today and Cory says to me “Babe, you have mail there from PWC”. I, of course, am thinking the worst, since I just got the discharge from bankruptcy notice last week. Did they miss something? Did I miss something? My mind just goes to the worst scenario. Yes I know that says a lot. But I can’t help it sometimes.

So I open it up and guess what’s in there?!… A cheque for $1,664.12! Yes that’s right. A cheque for $1,664.12. I did a double take. Cory just stared at me. He says: “What’s wrong babe?”. I say “It’s a cheque.” He just looked at me. So I said “for $1,664.12”. He just stares more: “What?”. I say: “It’s a cheque”. He says: “Ya, I heard that part”. That was the gist of our conversation. His friend Shawn was over and said the look on my face was of pure shock and amazement. This was totally unexpected.

Looking at it further I realized that it is a GST refund reimbursement cheque. Apparently since I had not filed my taxes for a number of years, this is the total of what I would have been sent every four months. I figured it out that after I pay off absolutely everything that I owe, I will still have $591 left over! I am really excited about that. It will take 4 business days for the cheque to clear the bank but basically as of Dec 27th, I am 100% debt free! And almost $600 in the black!

So the moral of the story? Do your taxes people… Especially if your considered low income! Though I believe it is technically illegal not to do them. Guess the check mark in “Get out of Debt” below was really justified.

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