Changing the Freestyle Libre Sensor

Today is sensor changing day. Technically it is not due to end for another 21 hours but my current sensor is coming off and the readings aren’t that great because I think the filament is maybe bent or coming out. That’s what happens when you catch it on a door frame if you are not careful

I decided I would do a video of changing it. Not so much as a how to as there are a ton of better ones out there then mine but just more of a “day in the life” kinda thing. I admit it was hard. I am really self conscious about my weight and was self conscious about making a video of myself but I did it anyways. Sorry about the quality.

Before we get started on the video here is a look at my diabetes case (if you are on the main page the custom excerpt strips the image, click the post to see images and videos):


Starting from the very left we have a Tegaderm then some test strips for my Libre itself in case I need to test my actual blood. Followed by a SkinTac wipe and 2 alcohol wipes. I keep those in what is technically my waste pouch area which I don’t actually use for waste, I have a old test strips bottle that works well for that

Next inside the zippered part I have 4 or 5 needles, my old glucose meter which I keep in case and some lancets for my old lancing device, next I have the lancing device as well as my Basaglar insulin pen. Bottom right is a test strip bottle from my old meter which right now has some left over unused test strips but when they are gone I will just use it for waste and above that is my Libre Reader. The case itself is the Kate Universal Supply Case  which is $24.99 CDN before taxes and shipping. I absolutely love and recommend it.

And now to the videos of me changing my sensor, since I can’t figure out how to merge them there is two videos:

I completely forgot to do another video when I activated it. We were out so I just activated it. All there is to it is pressing the on button on the reader and scanning the new sensor a message pops up asking if you would like to start a new sensor with the options yes and no (which is nice if you sometimes have the old and new one at the same time if you like to let the new one settle for 24 hours so you don’t accidentally activate it too soon), after selecting yes it asks you to scan again and then starts counting down an hour. After the hour is up you are ready to go and can start scanning


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