Chernobyl and ghosts

I’m sitting here watching Destination Truth on Netflix and one of the episodes was on the Chernobyl disaster. It was really interesting to watch. I remember when it happened we were living in Europe at the time and there was a lot of speculation. I remember drills in school on radiation and what to do, things that I would never have had had we been in Canada at the time.

In the episode they traveled to Pripyat which was the closet town to the plant and reactors. Even more then 25 years after the radiation levels are still deadly in parts in the town. That amazed me. I guess I knew that pretty much but still to hear it and see them have to gear up, reminded me of how bad it was and still is.

The episode was about the ghosts and hauntings that are reported in the town. They went through the hospital which was extremely creepy. They also went through the school which they had a lot of experiences in including a full human figure that showed up more then once on he FLIR thermal imager, a piano that played after they left the room and someone tugging on one girls arm which was clearly caught on camera.

After that it showed a fairgrounds or carnival of some type complete with a Ferris wheel and bumper cars. One of the girls saw a figure in one of the cars and her EMF meter and then their radiation meters spiked high.

This kept happening every time they had an encounter or experience the radiation levels would spike even beyond what was safe in their radiation suits and they would have to retreat. They were also plagued with many equipment failures and batteries being drained.

I’ve actually had that happen to me at York Redoubt a few times. There is an ammunition bunker there that every time I tried to use my iPhone as a flashlight it would restart on its own or the battery would drain in seconds. It’s creepy.

Also used to happen to me on Deadman’s island one while hiking. I would have a fully charged battery at more then 95% and in less then an hour it would be below 5%! The island, which you can walk all the way around in about 20-30 minutes it is so small, is the burial ground of hundreds of unknown soldiers who died during the 1800’s.

Anyone who knows me knows how fascinated I am with ghosts, haunting a and the paranormal in general. So the show on Chernobyl, which is fairly recent history and something that I actually remember from my childhood, was really interesting to watch.

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