Christmas Lights

I can not believe tomorrow is our last full day here and that it has been 4 days already. I have to go back to work on Monday after almost 5 days off. I am looking forward to getting our new bed though soon! Mom and Dad are supposed to be giving me the rest of the money as an early Christmas present for Cory and I next week and then we can either pick it up or have it delivered. It will be so nice to sleep on a new bed mattress. A pillow-top one at that.

Today we went to Bridgetown to visit my Mom’s foster brother Ray. When my mom was in the city after high school taking a secretarial course and then living there her Mom and Dad brought in 2 foster boys who were severely mentally handy capped. My Grandmother had worked in a children’s home in Digby and the boys were there. She ended up bringing them home to live and there were there almost 30 years. So they were both around when I was born until now.

Well actually, one of the boys, Jerry died 9 years ago. My grandparents had to give him up because they were getting older (mid to late 70’s) and he was getting aggressive so he was put into a residential care facility. He was there a few years and choked on Christmas Eve 9 years ago and went into a coma for a week. They eventually took him off life support (by this time both my grandparents had passed and my mom and her brothers and sisters had no say or anything) and he died.

Ray the oldest one is still in a residential home and we go seem him every few months, well my Mom and my Uncle who died a little over a year ago did anyways. I only get a chance every year or so. We had a great visit today with him. He even recognized me and though he can not really speak (just knows a few words for things) he could say my name and kept saying shoes. He taught me to tie my shoes when I was about 3. What an amazing memory he has!

After coming back from Bridgetown we all went into Digby to see the Christmas lights. I took a bunch of pictures which you can see on my facebook. I am putting my 5 favorite below. I was using my iPhone but decided to try the Camera Plus app to see if it helped with night-time photos. It was a little better.

I also decided to do a Christmas version of my theme. I may put the other one back up later.







9 thoughts on “Christmas Lights

  1. That’s really an amazing thing they did for those boys, still I’m glad you got to visit Beautiful photos! I love Christmas for the lights, the feelings, and just the warmth of it all.

    1. It is an amazing thing that my grandparents did, and with my brother being adopted I guess I come by wanting to foster or adopt because of them. It was great to see Ray. I try to see him once a year, I should start stopping in more often on my way to Mom and Dads. I always figured I have to be with them but Mom said no.

      I love Christmas for the lights, the commercials (I don’t know why but I love Christmas commercials), the snow (however briefly, usually it gets old fast), and the feeling around Christmas time.

  2. Where did you get that fantastic font for your header? I’m totally digging it right now

    It’s good to see that you had a good time and that you got to visit Ray. I think your pictures came out great. We haven’t gone to go see if there are any crazy lights around the neighborhood, but there’s a local ice carving event I’m thinking of dragging Joe too during a weekend night because they get some great lights up for all the ice!

    1. The font is called Christmas Lightness and I really love it too:

      I am really glad I got to see Ray, he is getting older and about a year ago it seemed like he might not be around much longer. He broke his knee (shattered it) and was not in very good shape. We were worried about him but we couldn’t visit at the time as they were concerned on how it would affect him.

      Ice carving sounds like a lot of fun. I know Quebec has them during their winter festival, I don’t think I have ever been or if I did it would have been when we were living in Ottawa when I was really young (left when I was two). I wish we had something like that here.

  3. I thought it was really interesting to read about some of your families history. It is really amazing that they were willing to help others who didn’t have a chance and I think it’s fantastic that you still see him. The fact he remembered you and the memory of shoes is so great.

    I love the photos of the Christmas lights. It’s not easy taking photos at night, and I think they came out really well!

    I like this theme.

    1. The boys were always in my life so it never really seemed remarkable to me till I was older and realized they were actually foster sons. The children’s home my Grandmother worked in was for mentally and physically handicapped children and she always loved working there.

      My own parents adopted my brother who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. They did not know that at the time they adopted them but we have had many discussions about it and he once asked if we would have adopted him had we known and the answer was and is (as always) Yes! He’s a great kid and we have learned to adapt to him and have learned as much from him as he has from us. He is such a sweet and loving kid.

      I have a hard time with night photos, I have no idea if it is the camera(s) or me but most likely me. When I get a new one there is a few things I want like a tripod and some other things to make night time easier to photograph in.

  4. How interesting to read some about your family history and those boys. And how lovely to get a new mattress!! I desperately need a better pillow but never take the time to go and buy one.
    I read that there is some kind of Christmas light ceremony thing in Göteborg today. So we can do it in Sweden too, lol.

  5. I miss Jerry a lot. But am so glad Ray is still around.
    When we have the mattress delivered we plan on the next pay to go get some good pillows as well. I want a memory foam one.

    I really want to go to Sweden. This is the second time today I have seen “Göteborg” today. Got an email from there today at work

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