Christmas Traditions

Since we moved to Nova Scotia in 1997, it’s been a tradition every year in December (date varies each year) to go for a drive around the city to look at Christmas lights. We go to Tim Horton’s first for a coffee or hot chocolate, then we drive around listening to Christmas music on the radio. Usually Country. It’s the only time of year I would be caught dead listening to Country music. My father is typically the one driving, sometimes friends of the family come along.

The last few years with my parents about 230km (143mi – 2 1/2 hour drive) from the city I haven’t had a chance to do this with them and never bothered to do it on my own. Today though, that changed. I spent the afternoon going from store to store at Dartmouth Crossing trying to find my friends daughter a junior drum set for Christmas. My friend (also in Digby like my parents) had no luck finding one down there since Digby’s a small town and pickings are limited. So when I got home around supper time. I said to my Cory (my boyfriend) and his cousin Scotty, lets go for a drive to look at some Christmas lights. They both agreed.

Halifax is a beautiful city with lots of old houses and lots of areas that get decorated really well for Christmas. We drove first to my favorite place, there is this house on a street off of North St, just before the McDonald Bridge, down a little one way alley. The front of the house is nothing spectacular, but the back… now the back is something else. It’s a winter wonderland (sans snow this year :(( ).

The whole back yard off the alley is done up. There is everything from Rudolf and the other 8 reindeer and Santa, some of his elves and a snowman to palm trees (yes palm trees) and all this is done up of lights alone, not the blow up Santa and elves and such. But everything is done up just by lights. And not those pre-made ones you can buy at Wal-Mart but on frames they guy made himself. Of course to keep up the neighbors all have some lovely stuff too. It’s just one tiny little alley but it’s beautiful. That being said, I could not get a picture that turned out with my iPhone and I forgot my camera.

We drove all over Dartmouth too. There was lots of pretty lights all over the place. I am hoping to go out again a little closer to Christmas before we take off to my parents for the holiday. Maybe I will remember my camera next time. I want to come up with a new kind of tradition for Christmas that Cory and I can have and can do with our children some day. What kinds of Christmas (or Holiday) traditions does your families have?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Looking at Christmas lights is one of my favorite thins to do. I’ve never taken hot chocolate along the way though, maybe I am missing out. D:

  2. Aw, I love your Christmas traditions. Especially getting hot chocolate from tim hortons! YUM. Our family really don’t have very many traditions. Maybe once we have kids that will change.

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