Christmas Tree Lighting

I have not been to a Christmas tree lighting in Digby since my last year of high school in 1997 so I was really happy when Mom told me we were going tonight! Cory and I traveled in a bit early, went to McDonalds for lunch and then for a drive to the Digby ferry. I did not get a picture as we didn’t get close enough. However we stopped on the way back at the Digby Pines which is a beautiful old wooden railway hotel built in 1905. I took the picture below from the road so it is not the greatest image but you can see it’s beauty and can see a better picture by clicking the link above.


We then wet for a drive first down Lighthouse Road in Digby. I wanted to get a picture of the lighthouse in the snow but the road was too bad and I did not want to chance it in a car without winter tires on a very hilly and dangerous at the best of times road. After that we headed out of the snow and down Digby neck. I wanted to visit my Nanny and Grampy’s and my Uncle’s Denton and Mark’s graves in Centerville but I drove by saying we would stop on the way back and we never did.

We met Mom, Dad and Denton at Pizza Delight in town which is a Pizza chain restaurant down here much like Pizza Hut (only better). We all had the buffet and sadly I did not think to take pictures. We then headed downtown to the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. I only brought my cell so the pictures are not the greatest. It was snowing off and on but not super cold. Just perfect for a Christmas Tree Lighting.


Santa showed up in the tricked out Fire Engine below. Much to the kids delight. It was actually really done up nicely. I had to take a few pictures to get that one. It’s a bit grainy but really pretty at the same time. There was even icicle lights on the windshield that sparkled. It was so pretty and we had a lot of fun.


After they lit the tree they had a bunch of red and white fireworks. The picture below is really the only one on my phone that turned out okay. You can see the star at the top of the tree below.


After that we got in the van as we had left our car at the Sobeys (Grocery store) and headed back to our car. Through the whole thing poor Cory was getting sick. I felt so bad but he really wanted to go. We saw the house below on the way through town and I managed to get a picture. However it had started to snow really bad and since neither Cory and I’s car or Mom and Dad’s van have snow tires we decided we would go looking at Christmas lights tomorrow night after going to Bridgewater for a fundraiser. So more pictures should follow tomorrow.


To top the night off we sat outside when we got home around a propane heater in a large (really large) tent in the backyard and ate Candy Cane ice cream and candy cane bark in the snow with our next door neighbours and one of their kids (the other was at a sleepover for the night) and drank Candy Cane hot chocolate.


Mom was talking about getting a Christmas tree tomorrow and decorating it before Cory and I leave. I am having so much fun and I think despite being sick Cory is having a fairly good time too. I can’t wait till tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Lighting

  1. How nice with a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. It sounds like something I would like as a beginning of the Christmas season. Over here we have Advent as that, I guess. The first Sunday of Advent is very special here. I’ve never heard of any other country celebrating it.

    1. It was fun. When I was in Germany I am pretty sure that they have Advent. They would put out an Advent Wreath on the first Sunday of Advent. There was other things too but I can’t remember.

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