Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia

The last part of January and the first week of February have been a bit rough. I was diagnosed years ago with Fibromyalgia and for almost 10 years I spent a good majority of every day trying to just cope with the chronic and incessant pain. For the better part of the last 3 years though I have had a huge decrease in pain to the point it was not top priority anymore. However, the last 2-3 weeks has been a bit rough. I am sore all over, my muscles and joints throughout my body hurt. I think maybe the pain in my hip and leg and the falls are what brought it on/brought it back.  That and sitting 10 hours a day or more typing doesn’t help. I tried Lyrica again but at the same time my doctor also put me back on metformin to see if we could get better control over my blood sugar and the side effects of the two made me miserable. Lyrica causes me severe vertigo. To the point, I won’t drive, and I need to drive so I am not going to take it.  My doctor wasn’t thrilled that I refused to take any medication for the pain so instead, he suggested I look into CBD oil, which I am not thrilled about so after researching it a bit I decided that was a no-go as well. Too expensive, not covered by insurance (obviously), etc. Just not an option.

On the plus side, we were able to afford insurance, only for me though and not Eddie which I am also not thrilled about. He will have insurance in another 9 months through work anyways I think, so we were more concerned about me at the moment and making sure I can still afford insulin, my Libre, metformin, etc. The insurance is only going to cover 80% to a maximum of $1000 a year towards medications and for the medical equipment such as my Freestyle Libre sensors it will only cover 80% to a maximum of $1000 in the first year, $1500 in the second and then $3000 in the third year onwards per year which means the first year it will only cover about half of the year for my sensors, but hopefully at that point I will have secondary insurance through Eddie’s work which will cover 50% but again it’s better than nothing at all.

Since I am not taking anything at the moment for the pain which is pretty bad, like 8 out of 10 pretty much continuously all over, almost every muscle and joint, I have been searching for other alternatives and I think the only thing that seems to help relieve and make me comfier, or in other words 4 out of 10, effectively halving it, is heat. I had Eddie buy me a heating pad the other day and it seems to help. So does having the wood fire going, I think it’s maybe the dry heat. I want to get a heated throw blanket. I think I am going to get one next time I have a little extra if I can find one for a decent price. Tea seems to help too. I think it’s the cold. This cottage is so bitterly cold sometimes, it isn’t insulated very well and it’s damp. The weather has either been quite cold, like -20 with snow or it’s been around 3 and raining out. It seems to go back and forth between the two, which isn’t helping at all.

8 thoughts on “Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia

  1. Sorry to hear your fibromyalgia has been acting up lately. 😦
    I live with my grandmother and she has it. It really takes a toll on her ability to do simple tasks sometimes. I don’t personally know whats it like, but it seems like its really rough to deal with.

    Hopefully it gets better soon! Take care! 🙂

    1. Thanks Deidre. It does make it really hard to do even the simplest of tasks sometimes. It’s true. I’m dealing with it fairly well and just doing my best to pace myself.

  2. It definitely seems like something hard to deal with… I mean, I get a head cold and want to die, I can’t imagine being in constant pain and trying to figure out how to manage it to the best of my abilities.

    I’m keeping you in my thoughts though and hope you find some relief with everything going on!

    1. I’m the same I get the least bit sick and all I want to do is hide out in bed till its gone. Constant pain is hard to deal with but I’m surprising myself and dealing with it much better than my last flare

  3. Heated blankets are ssooo nice. You won’t regret that purchase. That is good you could get insurance. I’ve had mine but it is not so great… which is sad because I work for a damn hospital. Even with insurance a lumbar puncture I had to get cost me nearly 3,000 bucks. Crazy, right?

    Lyrica is one of those crazy dangerous drugs. I wouldn’t want to take it either if it gave me horrible vertigo. I was on 200mg, 100 at night and 100 in the morning but it was turning me into a zombie. I’m just at 100mg at night now… it doesn’t really help with pain it just helps with the spasms and muscle cramps from happening as often.

    I agree with the CBD oils, too pricey! I tried it once and was like.. wow that was a waste of 70 bucks. lol

    Fibromylgia sucks cause there is just no right answer to help with the pain. Good luck with finding more ways to help yours. I’m still looking, haha. orz

    1. I did manage to purchase a heated blanket as well and your right I don’t regeret buying it. I’ll get a couple of good winters out of it I’m sure!

      We are lucky as far as stuff done in a hospital goes. We don’t have to pay for tests, visits, hospital stays, etc until mores we want t private or semi private rooms cable, etc.

      But we still have to pay for prescriptions, medical devices such as insulin pumps, needles, sensors and out ghee durable medical equipment and as a diabetic as well as fibro for me that can be 500+ a month easily with no insurance so it’s just not affordable but if i want to live its a necessity. I can’t imagine paying for tests, hospital visits and stays etc.

      I refuse to go back on Lyrica. I’m going to ask my family doctor to refer me to the pain management clinic to see if i can find some non-medication ways of dealing with the pain. CBD oil just isn’t an option.

      Hopefully you’ll find ways of helping you as well! Good luck and thanks!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re feeling terrible. I have pretty low pain tolerance, so I can’t imagine going through something similar to what you’re experiencing. It’s even worse when your drug gives you vertigo! Ugh :(( I hope you feel better soon and I hope you find a good way to manage your pain!

    1. Thank Claudine. I’ve been managing pretty well in general with the pain the last few weeks, better then I expected. Unfortunately, the vertigo hasn’t completely cleared up. Hopefully soon.

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