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I started the Coaching Out of The Box training today. My coach, who is like a team lead, gave me his training material for me to read through and some other resources. As far as I can tell our training consists of reading and studying the books and writing a test afterwards. I don’t think there is any seminars, classes, etc. I will find that out as I get closer to actually becoming a coach. As far as I know no one else really has been given the materials to look over before they actually become a coach, however my project manager asked my coach to get me started since a lot of what I am doing is very “coaching” related already.

He also went over the survey results from earlier last month where they asked agents to rate their support staff, one of which I now am. Overall the results were really good. People really seem to be happy with me and have very few concerns, all of which my coach said is all minor but that we will work on. The Coaching Out of The Box materials is the start of that work.

I have also started to train myself in the software aspect of our tech support. Our project is tech support for a major education company that sells hardware and software products that are used in classrooms (and businesses) world-wide. Our support teams were divided into two main teams originally, that we handled at my call center, software and hardware support. We now have a few additional teams. One of the things that came up in the survey results was that I don’t know much about software, which was fine really before because I was never a software agent. But now in the role I am in it would help to know. So I have tasked myself to learn as much as I can.

I am really excited because I have been there 3 years almost and I have not seen them put this much effort into “developing” someone into a coaching position. Usually when one becomes available they put the position on our website internally and from whoever applies they pick the best candidate and then train them on what they are starting to train me on now. It seems however that they are starting to “prepare” me specifically for this ahead of time. Which I certainly will not complain about. I will take all the help I can get!

I am also getting excited about the new car. I am really doing my best to keep all the negative thoughts away and accept a “can do” attitude about everything in my life. And it seems to be working!

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    1. Thanks! I am so exited too. And yes you are right, and I am finding out a can do attitude really can make your dreams come true if you work at it.

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