Colour Therapy

I have been working a lot lately. Typing pretty much from the time I get up until an hour or two before bed. It’s tiring but we really needed to get the stuff out to the client. Mom, Edward and I have all been working on it. I enjoy typing but I find after a while of staring at the screen, listening to what they say and trying to get it all down, my mind is mush. My productivity really suffers and likely my quality as well. Mom proofs everything so I know she’ll catch any mistakes but still. I need to take more short breaks.

When I worked in call centers, especially the last two I was in I would always keep an adult colouring book or two and some markers or more likely pencil crayons in or on my desk. The last call center I was in we didn’t have much “down time” or time between calls so I mostly coloured during calls. Especially longer calls that I was walking someone through something or if the call was getting frustrating or I was getting yelled at I would do it to calm down and stay focused. It helped me focus a lot. In the call center before that, we just had a lot of in-between time on my project so I coloured mostly out of boredom.

I decided that I wanted to get a colouring book and some markers the other day after finding a blog about creative lifestyle in which there was a post about canvas colouring and so off we went to Walmart. They didn’t have much of a selection. The dollar store had nothing at all. That’s about it for our small town. We don’t have any other stores other than a few grocery stores. I think I might have to find my next book online. I will invest in better markers are some point as well.

I hope to get some colouring in every day. I want to find some other crafty hobby’s as well. I have started to look for craft and art blogs for ideas. I enjoy seeing what other people can do and can only hope to have half the talent as some of them do! I want to try crocheting and maybe see what else I can find.  I love blogging and reading blogs so I might as well use to my advantage and find some other things to do to fill my non-existent time

4 thoughts on “Colour Therapy

  1. I enjoy coloring in my down time as well. I bought an adult coloring book, a few years back, but I gave it away to my friend before he travelled home to Australia to keep him busy on his flights and layovers. I actually got another one for Christmas, a “cat butt adult coloring book”, so it has a little twist of humor in it. I loved your pieces that you finished. They’re absolutely stunning!

    1. Thanks! I love looking online for adult colouring books. There are some pretty amazing ones that you can order for a decent price online. I find in stores they can be so expensive. I was looking at one a few months ago in a Walmart that was like $64 which is crazy. There are some pretty unique ones online.

  2. I’ve heard that for every twenty minutes looking at a computer screen, you should look away for five to ten minutes. That might help productivity some.

    I love the coloring that you did, those look really great, I’ve never done an adult coloring book, but that is mostly because if I do coloring it’s normally on photoshop with my own lineart.

    I can understand, I live in a small town and I am lucky the Walmart has what it has since recently they took out a lot of the mock meats and art things that I use.

    1. I try to take a 5-15 minute break for every hour I work. Just depends on how long I need at the time. Earlier in the day, I can get away with 5 minutes but later on, if I need to take a bit longer ones. Sometimes I will take a few hours in the afternoon and work a few hours in the evening if I need to.

      Thanks. I liked the first one and am still working on the second one. I let my photoshop subscription go. It’s a bit expensive. I don’t really need it right now. I will likely get it back sometime in the future. I want to start using my camera more so I will need it to edit photos.

      Our Walmart barely has any foods at all. We go to grocery stores for food mostly. They have a very small selection of everything. But since the town had nothing at all really till Walmart built their store (and they employ my husband) I can’t really complain.

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