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I found out two really disappointing things today. I got home from work to find out my internet and cable has been disconnected. We’ve been struggling to pay bills since I first went off work sick. Between the car, the insurance, the cell phones, the rent, food, gas and everything else I had to let the cable, internet and home phone go for a bit. I’m hoping to catch up in a month or two. So in the meantime, I probably won’t be blogging as much. I still plan to get a couple in per week.

The second thing is that my tablet, which is only an 8 gig, won’t allow me to store apps on the micro SD card that I purchased. This is apparently a limit of Android 4.1.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) as far as I can tell. I did some research on Google and could not find a way around this without rooting the tablet which I do not want to do at this point.

So I guess I’m stuck to keeping my apps to under 8 gigs (well actually more like 4.something). I’m now stuck with 32 gig useless mini SD card. I suppose that I can put some music on there. I’m not really sure how to get my music off my iPhone on to my computer, and then on to here. Especially the stuff downloaded through iTunes.

Anyone know a way to get around this?

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  1. That’s really awful about the financial situation at the moment. >< I know exactly what that feels like, and it's not fun. Hopefully everything will work out better for you soon! And in terms of the transferring music FROM your iPhone… I have no idea. I don't think there's a way? And if there is, I haven't heard of it. I've got a shit ton of music on my phone that I would love to transfer though… So if you figure it out- drop me a line! lol <333

    1. Thanks I’m hoping so too. It’s actually not as bad as I thought I can pay it off in about 1 1/2 months. Just sucks…

      I’m gonna wait till I have Internet back then google it and figure out how to transfer songs from my iPhone to my computer. I know there is a way just not sure how. But then I still gotta convert them from whatever file iTunes uses to mp3. Sure there is a way to do that too. If I figure it out I’ll let you know!

  2. Also, I’d like to add that I totally just read your mini-bio- And I live in Ottawa! Well, about half an hour south of the city, on a dirt road ahaha. But I found that interesting!

    1. Ya it is. I only lived there till I was 2 and have only been back a few times since but it’s nice to follow other canadian bloggers. I’m gonna link you if you don’t mind.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the financial situation and definitely understand that somethings have to be put off before you can catch back up.

    Not sure about the app part. I’ve been able to move apps to my SD card without trouble, but it’s been app dependent. I can’t do it with preprogrammed apps, just with apps I’ve downloaded and not always necessarily those because it seemed to be dependent on what the app required.

    Sorry I’m not much more help that that. Could you store books on your SD Card and pictures and things like that?

    1. I figure its better to loose Internet then the roof over our heads lol. It was just a kick in the pants I didn’t need. Oh well.

      I tried going in to manage apps in settings but none of them are movable. I did figure out that I could store music, pictures and ebooks I buy on the sd card but not ones I download through overdrive from my library (rentals). I think I can store tv shows and movies on their too. And documents like resumes, etc.

      Some files the apps use can be moved but its sort of a trial basis. I’ve broken a few apps and had to delete and re-download. I hid all the system files so I don’t move something I really need there.

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