Dentist and an old livejournal!

I went to the dentist yesterday morning for a cleaning. Last time I was there was a month ago. I knew then that I had 4 cavities one of which the tooth broke and I need to either have it extracted or a root canal. The appointment itself was okay. I was just there for a teeth cleaning. The problem was that I have not had a cleaning in years and so she actually froze the left half of my mouth so she could do a really really thorough cleaning without me feeling anything.

She told me it wears off in 1-2 hours. 6 hours later I was still frozen solid. I could not feel a thing. When it finally wore off in the 7th hour it wore off fast, and I realized 2 things. One I bit the inside of my cheek while it was frozen and it hurts like hell. Second thing I realised was that I had swallowed a little of the stuff they rub on the gums and it froze my throat some and guess what? I stopped coughing for most of the day. Unfortunately when it wore off, I started coughing so bad I got sick.

I found out while at the dentist that I have 2 more cavities that I did not know about and on top of the root canal (decided on that rather than getting it pulled) I need to have 3 wisdom teeth removed very soon as they are impacted. Oddly enough. I only have 3, the fourth one doesn’t exist! Apparently it happens sometimes.

Today I worked 11-7 and was actually taking calls throughout much of it and coughed throughout much of the day. At some point this afternoon (don’t remember when) I started coughing really bad again and got sick. I asked for some email time after that and got about an hour and 20 minutes of it. Which gave me a bit of a break.

When I got home today I replied to some comments and when Sam mentioned LiveJournal I decided to see if I could find mine. I did One of the few times I did not actually use storyboutagirl. I was surprised to see that I had posted from 2005-2008 there, I think I had a domain at that time but can’t really remember. I think that I did and the more private posts were in the LiveJournal and most of it is private. I did find a post there that said I originally bought this domain August 22, 2008! I let it go and bought it back a few times. This time I am here to stay.

I logged in and surprisingly enough guessed the password on the first try, was not sure if I would remember it but I did. It will take me a little while to read through them all but I plan to, there seems to be about 3-4 posts a week, if not more. I am really excited to read through it. I love owning a domain, but sometimes there is advantages to sites like that. If it was a domain and hosting I let expire (like I have a ton of times) the stuff would have been deleted off the hosting eventually and I would never see it again. At least this way I have something that will be there for a while (till they decide to purge old accounts if they ever do.

I am thinking possibly of seeing if there is a way to maybe import them into here. I have no idea… anyone know?

6 thoughts on “Dentist and an old livejournal!

  1. I think anaesthetics like that always take ages to wear off. Except one time a year or so ago when it took only two hours or so and I was in incredible pain. That time I would have needed those six hours!
    I’m always fascinated that dentists over there remove wisdom teeth for nothing. I also have impacted wisdom teeth but won’t need to remove them unless they cause trouble.
    You should be able to import your old posts. There is an import link under “tools” in your dashboard. Most blog platforms have a way to create an export file or something like that and then import into WordPress. I’m not sure I have seen Livejournal on the import list, but haven’t looked for it either.

    1. I have not had anesthetics like that since 2009, when I fell in Afghanistan and hurt my jaw and bit a huge chuck of my lip off, they had to freeze my whole face to set my jaw and stitch me up. I was in pain for almost a year after that. I still have numbness in my lip that will never go away, luckily I have no outside scars.

      It’s true about dentists removing wisdom teeth even when they do not need to be, most people have them removed before they turn 25 here rather they need to be or not. They say it is better for your health if they do. I think they just want the money. Mine actually have been bothering me lately on and off, more on than off over the last few months. It’s so expensive to have them removed though.

      I actually did import the LiveJournal entries, I read through them all too
      Kirsten recently posted…Stir crazy

  2. Wow, how much anesthetic did they use?! Mine usually wears off in 4 hours, never 2. I still remember the time I had to have teeth taken out and couldn’t chew properly >..<

    Hope you can sort your teeth out soon and that the coughing goes away.

    1. I don’t know for sure but I think I counted her sticking me 4 times on top and 4 on bottom before I stopped feeling anything… I was so nervous, I don’t do well with needles when near my face, anywhere else is fine I can look and don’t even squirm but anywhere near my neck or face and I panic, which is not good when a needle is coming at you.

  3. Ouch, I hate the dentist. I have to have my wisdom teeth extracted and I’m not looking forward to it at all.

    Ahh, LiveJournal, the good old days. I actually had a deadjournal for awhile because no one would give me an invite code. I believe theres a way to import LiveJournal. I think if you go to tools, then import theres an option for it.

    1. Me either, I am terrified. I am going to have to try and push it off till the new years cause I can not afford the time off work, they are too busy right now and would not really like it.

      I was able to import the LiveJournal entries through a plugin for WordPress, it seemed to work okay, lots of comments got duplicated 2 and 3 times and some posts lead to a 404 (ones that did not have titles) but at least they are somewhat there.

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