I’m so proud of Denton. He’s trying so hard. He really wants things to change this year. He got in a little fight today at school. It wasn’t anything major. There’s a girl the same age as him Chantal and she was walking to school at lunch today and there was 6 or so boys behind her and they were doing the typical junior high boy thing and teasing her and one was jokingly trying to pull her pants down. Of course she was upset. Mom and Denton were driving by and Denton asked Mom to stop. He wanted to walk the rest of the way with her so the kids might leave her alone. Mom did it but she circled around and came back and just drove by to make sure the boys weren’t bothering them. They weren’t. Anyways during one class a couple of the same boys started either teasing Denton about Chantal or (we aren’t sure since Denton won’t completely say right now. Poor kids embarrassed) he did something and they were laughing and teasing him about it. Anyway him and one of the boys got in a fight. Started yelling at each other and one pushed the other. They wont say which one did it first. But Denton thought twice before doing it again and he left and went to the resource room! I’m so proud. He’s allowed to do that. He has a lot of anger and behavioral problems so he was told if he feels he’s getting out of control to leave the class and go to the resource room to calm down and then come back when he’s ready. And he did! It’s the first time he’s walked away from a situation like that rather then fighting. I have to say I thought it was really really cool that he thought it through. It’s not something he’s done before. I definatly told him I’m proud and that it was very very grown up of him to just walk away from the fight like that. The teachers and my mom are really proud of him too. My baby’s growin up!

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