Diner and a movie. Minus the diner and add another movie later lol :D

Was a great day today overall. Did some running around this morning but never got either of thing done that I had planned for the day. One was to get the bloodwork done and out of the way. The other was a sunless tannning session I had booked. Which I just realied I forgot to cancel. My memory sucks so much right now. I’ve lost a debit card, my msi (health) card, and my work pass in the last few days as well as my headset at work (which ended up being at the sup desk thank god.

I’m sitting here infront of the fan and it’s so god damned hot! The fan is just blowing hot stale air back in my face… it’s really not doing much. This heat and humidity is unbelivable! My clothes are sticking to my body and my butt to the chair! What a pain. The humidity makes me hurt like hell. I’m so stiff and sore. It’s such a pain in the ass really. But I need to go back to the doctor cause she didn’t give me a refil on the prescription. She wanted to see if it was going to work at all first. Then put me on the full dose. I don’t like the idea of taking it all the time and thankfully I don’t have too. I can take as needed after the initial month.

My Aunt and Uncle are finally here. Seems like it took them forever! They had car troubles and lost a day. They had more when they were only a few hours from here and lost a few more hours. But they are here finally and I’m glad they are here safe and sound. Rob (my cousin) called earlier to let them know that there was some major storms back at there home and some large tree branches had hit their home and damaged it. There was supposedly tornadoes that touched down in Manitoba near where they live. I’m not too sure how true that is though. I haven’t heard much about it since it was a few days ago and I wasn’t really paying attention.

Watched Constantine with JuJu today. Was an excellent movie! I picked him up about 1:15-1:30 or so and took and we rented it and watched it at my house. Then I took him back later on. Other then that I haven’t done much else. Watched Ice Princess just now. That was good too. Also have White Noise that’s for a week though so I’ll watch it tomorrow maybe. Now I’m gonna go relax some more.

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