Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?

I think I’m the kind of person that see’s the glass as half full. I’d like to think that I am an optimistic person by nature.

My parents taught me from a young age that in every situation there are always multiple ways to look at things, even bad situations. You can dwell on them or you can learn from them.

It has not always been like that for me though. One thing that has been a constant point of frustration in my life since high school is the I get bored easily with a job. I loose interest. I get disheartened and feel like I am never performing up to my abilities.

Lately though that seems to be changing. Instead of looking at it in the “glass half empty” way and always feeling like I am coming up short, I have been able to turn it around and feel like I am pushing to see my limits and that the glass is “half full”. I am able to use stuff constructively and set out a goal plan for myself. Which makes me feel more optimistic.

I recently applied for two positions internal positions within our project, one a month or so before the other. I did fairly well on the first one but did not get the position.

I then applied later for the second one and when I was given feedback from the second interview I was told that even though I did really well in 2 parts of the process I didn’t do so well in the third.

I could very well get frustrated and quit trying but I feel like I am getting somewhere. I am doing my best to be optimistic about it and really take the feedback and work on it.

You can look at it either way but for me I prefer to call my glass half full.

8 thoughts on “Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?

  1. Unfortunately I’m kind of a ‘glass as half empty’ kind of girl but I’m working on changing that.
    Glad to hear you’re not giving up! At least now that you’ve applied for two positions, you’ve know what you’re in for and have feedback to go into the third, whenever that may be. You can work from those two experiences to be better the third time around. Good luck!

    1. It’s hard to change that frame of mind but it’s possible. Glad to hear your trying to change it.

      I’m hoping that within a year or so I can move up the ladder a little bit. Thanks!

  2. Hi there, Nice post! And you know what? I like that it is kind of a process as you said.. You go through things in life, experiences, good ones bad ones, and they not only make you stronger but each time you have to stand up and go.. and you learn. After a while you will notice a good even throughout the bad, sometimes it takes time but you get there. Half full is the way to go because there is always something good even if it is a small thing and we have to (learn) to appreciate them! Regards

    PS: The blog-theme is very cute with the snowflakes for the winter!

    1. Thanks, I love the snow too. It’s actually a plugin and not part of the theme. I love it though!

      It took me a long time to see things as half full and not half empty, but I think my life is much richer now because of it.

  3. Nice! “my life is much richer now” ~ very well said & so agreed It does take a certain time (we are different right so different for everyone) but we also appreciate more things when we feel we “worked” for them or did not come easily etc..

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