Dreams and Goals

Like everyone else I have tons of dreams, tons of goals I want to achieve. A bucket list per se. Here are mine. This post was inspired by Joy’s page Life List and will likely make it to my about page at some point. These are in no particular order and a few are already done.

☐ Learn ASL fluently
☐ Get Engaged
☐ Start my own business
☑ Get out of debt (Dec 2013)
☐ Have a (birth) child(ren)
☐ Get blood sugar under control
☐ By a brand new car
☐ Go back to school and take ASL/English Interpretation
☐ Become a coach (supervisor) at work
☐ Update about page
☑ Find my Soul Mate (April 2011)
☐ Get Married
☐ Post every day in one month (18/31)
☐ Buy/Own a horse
☐ Get to a healthy weight
☐ Learn to snowboard
☐ Visit 25 countries (13/25 – CA, US, GB, DE, FR, NL, BE, IT, AT, CH, AE, PK, AF)
☐ Foster/adopt a child
☐ Own a home
☐ Become a ski instructor/ski patrol
☑ Work overseas (Mar – June 2009)
☐ Visit Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Nepal & Australia
☐ Go on a week long ski/snowboard trip
☐ Go back to childhood town Baden Söllingen
☐ Go on a cruise
☐ Retire

I’m sure I will find things to add to this list at some point. My next post will have to be something a little more substantial, it’s not that I am running out of ideas (okay, well it’s sorta that…) but I am just getting lazy, plus I really liked this idea as a way for me to track my own progress in doing things I want to do and accomplishing things I would like to accomplish.

4 thoughts on “Dreams and Goals

  1. Wow, you list is so much more interesting than mine! Lol I’m so so jealous that you got to visit some many other countries. That’s amazing! I hope you get to visit you entire 25 and the one on your list!

    I’m glad that my page inspired you to make a list of your own. I hope your list melds with your life and doesn’t become a chore and I hope you accomplish everything that is on there!

    I’m really glad we crossed blogs! =)

    1. Thanks Joy, I’m glad we crossed blogs as well! I lucked out when I was younger, my dad was military and we were posted overseas. My parents decided that since we were over there we would travel as much as possible. They wanted me to experience stuff they never got to experience when they were kids

  2. Your goals and aspirations, in some ways, mirror mine. I think it’s really good to have a list of this sort, to keep it updated, and essentially keep yourself motivated to pursue certain hopes & ideals!

    It seems like you visited The Netherlands, right? Since that’s where I’m originally from (I emigrated to The States 4 months ago), I was wondering: how did you end up going there?

    Having children, and foster a child (or a person) are two of my “main” goals in life too. Not to mention the idea of starting my own business!

    Japan is very high on my “countries I want to visit”-list as well. I’d also really like to go to Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.

    1. When I saw Joy’s page I knew it was a good idea and something I wanted to do for myself. I ind putting stuff on my blog makes me more accountable for it and more likely to work towards it.

      Yes, I have been in the Netherlands, Amsterdam for sure. I remember going to Anne Frank House. I am fairly certain I was there a few times. I remember driving across a border into the Netherlands but I don’t remember specifically where. I will have to ask my Mom or Dad.

      We moved to CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Baden Söllingen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany in Jan 1986 and moved back to Canada in August 1991, just before the base closed in ’92. While there my parents decided to do as much traveling around Europe as they could since they did not know if they or I would ever get another change. I love to travel though and since I am out of debt now I am going to start saving up for a trip back.

      My younger brother is adopted and it is something I feel really really passionate about. With global warming, environmental issues, population issues in a lot of the world and famine that it’s the responsible thing to do. I think that if at all possible it’s the responsible thing to do.

      I am not opposed to having one child by birth but I really think that if at all possible that people should be taking in a child that does not have a home as long as there are kids out there (which I am sure there will always be) that need it and that they can do it. I know there may be things that prevent this but if you can then why not?

      Japan and Nepal are at the top of my list. Australia is a close third. Really I just want to travel, anywhere and everywhere, and if I can be helping in worthwhile causes while I am doing then why not. I struggled with going to Afghanistan. I do not like or agree with war but at the same time. We are fighting for their freedom. I just hate how that can be misused, and misguided (for example troops mistreating local people, raping or killing for no reason). Overall I am anti war but I am also smart enough to realize that we are never going to get rid of it. Not in my lifetime anyways.

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