Eating & Drinking with Diabetes

One of the biggest things that has been on my mind lately is eating and drinking. I eat horribly and I never know what to drink. Despite that I have somehow been able to bring my A1C down to 6.1%. But if I am being absolutely honest with myself I am not really sure how I did it. I have made some changes. The biggest one was cutting out sugary pop. For much of my teen and adult life I have been a big Pepsi and Root Beer drinker. My husband and I have stopped buying regular pop. However we have just replaced it with Coke Zero (which was the closest taste wise to Pepsi I found), which I know is just trading one issue for another. This has likely contributed to my A1C lowering because I was drinking insane amounts of regular sugary pop before I was diagnosed and even a little after while I was sort of in the denial phase.

I have been trying hard to just drink water but I find it so bland. I am not a fan of the flavor water enhancers. I know they are sugar free but I find they are bitter or taste like chemicals. Which I know is the Stevia or Aspartame or whichever natural or artificial sweetener is in them. I don’t drink fruit juices unless my blood sugar is low and it’s all I have access to then I will for the sake of bringing my blood sugar back up. I really struggle with what to drink. I know plain old water is best and sometimes I actually just want cold plain old water but other times I crave the bubbly fizzy taste of pop.

I also really really struggle with what to eat. I am very picky and have some allergies. I’m allergic to shell fish and do not like any other kind of fish. I tested positive years ago for an allergy to peanuts and almonds and some other tree nuts (can’t remember which ones) and a few years ago found out I did not actually have an allergy to peanuts. I was recently re-referred to the Halifax Asthma and Allergy Clinic and was tested again for peanuts and tree nuts and she came to the conclusion that I have Dermatographia and Chronic Hives because I reacted to everything including me scratching my arm on her desk while she did it which swelled up had a big welt. So that had been giving me false positives for years. Blood tests revealed that I am not allergic to peanuts or any tree nuts. I have been slowly reintroducing them back in.

I only like a few vegetables like carrots, peas (kind of), celery (raw only, can’t stand it cooked), radishes, lettuce, cucumber and sweet potatoes and potatoes. I would love to add in more veggies but I hate the taste of cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, squash, green beans and eggplant. My friends and family always say it’s all about how your prepare them but honestly I have never been able to find a way to prepare any of them that make them even slightly tolerable to me. I tend to like raw veggies more then cooked. Also as I mentioned in my last post. I have no time in the day to make anything before leaving for work. I never have the time on the weekend either to do any meal prep for the week.

I have the hardest time finding things that I like to take to work. I scour Pinterest, Facebook, and websites for recipes and ideas and just never come up with anything appealing which typically leads to me bringing already prepared stuff from Sobeys (grocery store) or Walmart or getting supper in the food court at work or even drinking a Glucerna for supper. I have met with a diabetic nurse and a nutritionist and still find it hard to put their ideas or suggestions in place.

Sometimes we will make casseroles like Sheppard’s pie, scalloped potatoes or a macaroni casserole with enough leftovers to take to work with us. I still find though that I get bored with eating and sometimes I just don’t enjoy eating at all and find it more of a chore that has to be done then something to enjoy. I get so frustrated because I feel like a failure because I can’t really cook other then the basics.

I haven’t been counting carbs like I have been advised to because quite honestly it is depressing. I can never get it right. I always have to many carbs but yet am left feeling hungry not not full. The only time I thought I had a decent grasp on carb counting was when I was in the IWK Woman & Childrens Hospital for 4 days in October with a uterine infection and I had to choose from their diabetic menu. I kind of which I had kept a copy of it because it was so easily layed out and so simple. I wonder if I can find a copy online…

2 thoughts on “Eating & Drinking with Diabetes

  1. I agree water is bland and most water enhancers don’t taste good. But I have found a couple that I really like. My favorites are: Nesfruta Strawberry Banana, and the Crystal Light singles Strawberry Orange Banana.

    I’m not a veggie fan either, but I have found that I really like corn. I usually mix corn and beans into my taco meat when I make it. I also like Eggplant when it’s made in a Ratatouille recipe.

    Your second last paragraph sounds like something I have said, word for word. I hate cooking and can never find anything that sounds appealing.
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    1. I do like the crystal light strawberry orange banana and also I like pink raspberry lemonade which I think is crystal light as well.

      I forgot corn. I actually love corn and especially corn on the cob when in season and cheap. I like it in Sheppards pie but never tried it in Taco meat.

      It’s not that I hate cooking. I do enjoy it i just feel though that when i have the best intentions and go to the store and by things to make into meals it never happens and then goes to waste. I don’t know how much food we end up throwing out but I know it’s too much.

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