Errands and my weekend

I finally got some errands done. Got my aliant bill paid, ordered a new case for my phone (they had none in stock) and talked to them about the phone. I’m not going to take it in to get fixed yet as the screen has been fine the last few days. I’ll wait and see if it happens again. I bought a portable CD player as mine is shot and bought a car kit and AC adapter for it. Can’t get the AC adapter to work will see if Dad can. Bought cd’s. Simple Plan’s Still Not Getting Any and Green Day’s American Idiot. So like $130 for phone and $170 for CD player, CD’s and accessories. So yeah like $300 in one day. So much for saving up for a car and school. Although I still have about the same amount left in my account. Am going to take $100-150 out today and put in in my savings and the rest is all I’ll have till pay day. I am going to start saving reguardless.

I have a doctors appointment Friday which I’m going to keep even though we are supposedly going camping. I have no idea how I’m going to manage that one but I have to go so if I have to miss camping so be it. Mom’s not happy I think but hell I’m 25 time for me to grow up and do things on my own. Not that I don’t but still I think a doctors appointment is a little bit more important then a camping trip… whatever.

So went to JuJu’s last night and we watched Garden State. Was as good as I remembered it to be. Zach Braff did a good job writing, acting and producing in it. The girl reminds me of Winona Ryder. But it’s Natalie Portman… Show’s how much I know. Was good but I gotta agree with JuJu. It’s a bit trippy. I remember watching it the first time and I believe it was with Mark and he said it would have been an awesome movie to watch when high. He’s right lol. And then watched it the second time drunk and it was a bit odd, noticed all the odd little idiocyncracies in it like the taps in the airport turning on and off as Andrew went by them. Never noticed the first time. Last night noticed a few more things. Reminds me of Dr Sues’ freaky friday My favorite book when I was little.

I stayed in my PJ’s till almost 2:30pm today! Not like I got home all that late. I left JuJu’s about 12:30am. I didn’t sleep past about 10am though I originally work up about 7:30. Was a decent weekend over all. Could have been much worse! Actually it was really good. Back to work tomorrow. Hard after having Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off. But hey going to Florida from the 7th of October to 11th so why complain right? Will be my first time going that far I think… Can’t wait! Will miss everyone though.

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