ever wish you weren’t such an idiot?? :p

I am having a hell of a time with my schedule for work. Yesterday I thought I started at 10 and had an extra hour before my shift. Well I was looking at the wrong week! I started at 11 and the extra hour was after not before. So I showed up 2 hours early. I just stayed cause mom was in Hali and by the time she would have picked me up there wouldn’t have been much point. So I was there like 12 hours since it was almost 9 before I got off. I was off at 8:30 but got a call right at 8:30 and it was 2 claims so it took most of the half hour.

I don’t know why I’m messing things up so much. I did the same thing the day before and was there an hour earlier then I was supposed to be. And this morning I was up at 9 and I don’t work till 11:30. I just can’t seem to get things strait.

I’m still not feeling well at all. Yesterday I kept getting sick. Today I’m so lightheaded and dizzy. I can’t move fast at all or I sorta “black” out. I hate this it’s such a bitch. I can’t wait for it to be over…

Mom and I had a talk this morning. Nothing about the other day. About Denton. He’s been having a really hard time at school again. He’s set these expectations for himself. He wants to be an A student. Well it’s pre

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