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I’ll be honest, I am doing up a couple posts at a time and scheduling them as I know I will not have time during the week days. Friday and Saturday are my days off, Edwards too. I am not aiming to make this a diabetes blog but it’s what’s on my mind right now. I want to go into a bit more detail about one of my May goals.

Since I am now taking the bus back and forth to work I am walking to the bus stop and back. Which I will be honest about as well, it is not far. 4 minutes and then I get off at Scotia Square Mall and just walk into the mall through the food court and upstairs via the stairs, elevator or escalator depending on my mood. Going home I have to walk a litte further since I take a different bus home and have to walk about 7 minutes to my bus stop from the mall. I also walk around the mall a lot just to increase my steps and my walking time. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy G6 with the Samsung Health app on it which I am hoping to utilize more. I am getting about 30-45 min walking a day and about 3500-7000 steps a day.

I want to aim for 1 hour and 10,000 steps. To start anyways. I would like to add more exercise in other forms as well. I am considering a gym again or the Canada Games Centre which I previously a few years ago had a membership for. For now though I had previously set my goal to half the recommended which was 30 min walking/5000 steps. I am consistently doing that now and more. I have set it now to 45 min/7000 steps. Once I consistently meet that which I hope to do in a week or two. I will increase to 1 hour/10,000 steps. I am trying to figure out ways in my everyday activities to increase my walking time and steps without necessarily going out for a specific walk, which I would like to do as well. Once I get the bus route down to work and back (just started taking it last week) I will start walking a few extra stops on the way to work so that I am walking 2-3 stops beyond mine. I don’t want to do that at night when I come home at 9:45 PM for safety sake. My area is safe enough but still.

I am hoping to get Eddie and I up and out walking for an actual walk 2-3 times a week to start for an hour each time just around here. There is lots of walking paths at the end of our street as well as it’s a very residential and rather safe area (despite not wanting to walk it alone at night) with lots of streets to make walking loops on. I can easily map out a 5k, 10k and 15k walk with MapMyWalk. So I am hoping to go once each weekend and at least 2 times during the week working up to just about every day.

There is a Gym in Bedford called Fit4Less which is a 15 min drive (opposite direction to my work unfortunately) which has two memberships $4.99 biweekly (for one location) up to $10.99 biweekly (for any location across Canada, shareable with family) for a membership. I have been considering it. $4.99 biweekly for each of us is not bad. Eddie said he would go. But I am concerned time wise if we have time. Closer to us (literally at the end of our street through a path and a ball park is the Canada Games Centre which I previously had a yearly membership for which is $23.35 biweekly for me and $13.22 biweekly for Edward however it has a gym and so much more, there is pools, 2 waterslides, saunas, a hot tub, weight room, indoor track and a field house and other stuff I am likely missing. I am really wanting that more then Fit4Less and it is much closer and would be easier to get in an hour in the morning before work a few days a week and on the weekends anytime.

My only concern with either is will we use it. The membership I had before I used for a while and then just kind of stopped going and ended up cancelling. As they are both yearly memberships I want to make sure we will both use it. With paths, side walks, a ball park and outdoor track etc at the end of our street (all part of the Canada Games Centre but free to use outside) I don’t know if it is worth paying. However we might only use it in the summer. I love to swim. I love waterslides. That is what really makes me want to get the Canada Games Membership more then the Fit4Less one. I want the access to the pools and slides and indoor track etc.

I have been on the fence for months about it. It’s a lot to shell out if we get stuck in a one year contract and end up not using it. I am really craving the exercise for a lack of a better term. I really loved the Canada Games Centre once I got over my initial fear of exercising in front of strangers. I am not sure if Edward would feel the same as I did in the beginning. He says he’d go. I just have to talk us both into it and have to set aside the money to do it.

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