Feeling the pain…

I am so tired and frustrated right now. Last week I worked Monday through Thursday. On Friday I went in but got VTO and went home before my shift started. The weekend started off good. Went on a drive Friday night with Cory and then Saturday Cory and I and my friend Erin went on a long drive. It turned out to be a big mistake I think. As much as I love being in the car my body does not like it at all.

Sunday I was not feeling the greatest. I had a headache and was sore all over but Cory’s parents wanted to go for a drive so I went with them. By the time I got home around suppertime I went to bed. I woke up Monday morning with another (or the same) bad headache and I felt stiff and sore all over. I thought I was coming down with something so I stayed home. I slept most of the day.

Monday night I did not sleep well at all. Woke up yesterday morning feeling like someone was stabbing me all over with a knife. I called in again and just could not even get from the bed to the couch. It continued all through last night, pain so bad I was doubled over trying to keep quiet and not wake Cory up.

This morning I called my doctor’s office and got an appointment at 3:10 in the afternoon. Got there and they had lost my chart, with over 10 years of my doctors visits, specialist appointments, medications, etc on it. They still use paper not computer or a combination apparently. He decided to try me on Lyrica after I reminded him of the issues I have been having and the diagnoses of Fibromylagia and the pain that I am currently in. So I am switching from amitriptyline to Lyrica tonight.

I am guessing that I must not be on a high enough dose of amitriptyline for them to taper me off cause nothing was mentioned about doing that. I am a little worried. I hate switching medications however everything I do hurts. Typing included. Sitting with my laptop on my lap is causing excruciating pain in my legs, butt and back. I am so tired I want to crawl in bed but I know it wont help. I will just keep waking up every hour or so and in the morning feel like I never slept at all. I know it will take time for the Lyrica to start working, if it works at all.

8 thoughts on “Feeling the pain…

  1. That is horrible that you are in so much pain at the moment. I hope that the medication will help, or they can find some dosage so you can cope with it! I can’t believe that they lost all of your records! That is so ridiculous!!

    I really hope that it can be managed very very soon!

    1. Thanks Kya, I am feeling better and the medication is starting to make a difference. I have to agree with it being ridiculous that they lost my file. Not sure if they have found it yet. Didn’t make my follow up appointment yet.

  2. Finally they are giving you one of those!! My mother is very much helped by Gaba and I really hope you will be helped by Lyrica.

    But how shameful that they lost your chart! Unbelievable!

    1. I am really happy that he changed my medication, it was a rough couple of weeks getting used to it but I am starting to feel better.

  3. Oh love, I cannot imagine the pain you’re going through right now… it sounds absolutely horrible, though. I have another friend who also has Fibromylagia and she has to get injections in her back, too, so she knows all about chronic pain. I hope you find some relief soon!!

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