Finally, it’s about time

I believe I mentioned purchasing a car a few months ago on my blog. Well the day we picked it up from the dealership, June 21st, one of the key fob parts of the integrated key fobs (totally off topic, every time I write out or hear the word fob, it makes me laugh, I don’t know why…) did not work at all. Within a few days the second one stopped working.

Since then I have been in contact with the dealership every few days at first then pretty much weekly from then on, trying to get them to fix the issue. Which is that I need two new key fobs. At $150.00 for each fob, which is essentially in this case the top part of the key and has the lock, unlock button and trunk release buttons and another $100.00 to program them I could not justify paying that myself within a few days of buying the car, especially since one of the key fobs did not work the day I picked the car up and they promised me they would deal with it.

It has been quite a battle since then. Including getting the Better Business Bureau involved and contacting a lawyer’s office for advice. Yesterday they finally called me back within an hour of the BBB contacting them with my complaint, with a “solution”. This was to install an after market remote lock system in my car and providing me with 2 additional key fobs to remotely lock and unlock the car. Now they mentioned this to me once before in all the calling back and forth and I told them no then, on advise from the Ford dealership near by who said it would likely void the extended warranty I purchased on my car when purchasing th

After mulling this over for a few minutes (very few at that) I said no, I was not happy with that and I wanted it fixed properly. I explained why. One, this would mean that I would have 2 fobs on each key chain as the original one is literally part of the key, as you can see below, if you turn it over the buttons are on the other side.



Two, being that I just purchased the car, and picked it up and that it was a certified used car from a dealership and not just some Joe Blow off the streets, this stuff should have been inspected and ensured that it was working. The ad for the vehicle said it had remote keyless entry with two integrated key/key fobs. Once would only assume that meant they worked!

The fact that the one key did not work at all, 100% dead, would not so much as even elicit a squeak out of the car (the horn sounds when unlocked and locked in 2 short beeps) or lights to flash (the tail lights and head lights flash twice as well), then that means that either they knew about the issue and planned on not telling me, or that the technician who checked out the car in the inspection either did not bother the check the keys, checked one but not the other, tested only once (as the second key was intermittent) or knew but did not tell the sales team.

Which is not my fault! The lawyer said it was a breach of the contract they signed saying everything was checked out, either out of neglect to properly check things out or that they knew but did not plan on telling me.

And three, why would I allow them to install something in my car that was not being done at an authorized dealer, by an authorized technician and that would likely void the warranty that added an extra $1500 to my car loan! Simply because they were too cheap to fix it properly through an authorized dealership (which they themselves were but did not have the equipment to re-program the car) and wanted to cut corners.

I confirmed with the insurance company that it would void the warranty and that put a HELL NO to the whole thing. I put my foot down, called them back this morning, threatening to take it to the media and also to officially involve the lawyer who has so kindly given me free advice but advised they would be glad to take the case on should I want to pursue it, if they did not fix it properly. He called me back an hour later with the okay to take the car to Ford and have them fix it and foot the bill to Mazda (who I bought the car through).

I called the Ford dealership and spoke to the woman in the service department there who confirmed that the fobs were on order and she would call me as soon as they came in.

So take that City Madza for trying to pull a fast one on me! Never ever ever again will I ever buy a car from you.

2 thoughts on “Finally, it’s about time

  1. My gosh. What a pain in the butt. I can’t believe you had that much difficulty getting your key fob fixed. I might understand if it was something a little more pricey, but geez. I applaud your tenacity, though. I’m not sure I would have kept fighting. I probably would have gotten tired and just paid it to have it done and over with. Or I would have had my mom do it for me…. LOL.

    Thankfully my family has a car dealership that we’ve bought numerous cars from and haven’t had any problems so far (knock on wood). Definitely take it as a lesson learned and NEVER go there again!

    1. Haha thanks, it took a lot of back and forth but I refused to give up. Hopefully the new key fobs will be in on Monday and I will be able to get the work done next week sometime.

      It’s great when you have a dealership you trust. The Ford dealerships been great and since I love the car so much I am re-thinking wanting my next car to be a Mazda (which is what I originally wanted when going to the Mazda dealership and why I bought the Ford there). I learnt a valuable lesson too… never buy a Ford at a Mazda dealership lol.

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