First day back at work

So today was my first day back at work. I woke up about 9 am to the smell of bacon cooking in the kitchen. Cory made bacon, eggs, home made hash browns (with veggies) and toast for breakfast. He loves to cook and is fairly good at it (mo on the other hand, well that is a story for another time…).

After getting showered we sat down and ate breakfast together before I headed off to work. I left about 10:30am as I work at 11 am and wanted to get there a few minutes early. I live really close, 5 min by car but like to be at work at least 15-20 minutes before my shift starts to get everything set up on my computer, programs and such.

Today is a holiday in both Canada and the US, called Labour (Labor to my southern comrades) which is to celebrate the 8-hour labour movement and other labour movements. So it was really not busy at all when I got there. I was okay the first hour, till about 12 pm and then one of my coaches (the one that took me to the hospital last Monday) came over to let me know they were VLEing (voluntary leave early) and wanted to know if I wanted it. Her and another coach wanted to give me first chance at it.

I said no at first. I was coughing a lot, but then I started to cough to the point I had to get up and go into the washroom as I felt I was going to get sick, which I did. So I went back out of the washroom and asked if VLE was still on the table and they said yes, and here I am, at home. I hate the coughing fits. I feel fine for an hour or so then it hits with a vengeance and I don’t stop till one of three things happen: either I get sick, I turn blue or red. I even passed out sitting on the side of the tub the other day.

Normally what happens when someone is sick but not sick enough to completely miss work our workforce co-ordinator will put that person in emails only so they do not have to talk on the phone. You can get out your phone or mp3 player and listen to music (some people stream through the internet which we are not supposed to as it slows everyone else down) and go to town on the email bin. But today there was very few emails in the bin, there was actually a wait before one came in.

My hope is that as there was lots of emails in the bin (we do email and phone tech support) last week, that there may be more tomorrow. There was none today I think because they did an upgrade to our email system over the weekend and had a Saturday email shift to try and get rid of as much email as possible.

I think that them VLEing a lot of people and overnight and into the morning tomorrow when every one goes back to work and school that there will be emails starting to pile up so that I can ask our workforce co-ordinator (who was not even there today) if I can pepper some email time through the day, ie on the phones an hour, then 30 minutes of email or if busy enough if he can just put me in email only for a bit.

So that was my return, kind of a let down. I was starting to feel so good at home and thought I would be okay. I never even took a call. But I did do about 6 or 7 emails.

4 thoughts on “First day back at work

  1. Welcome back to work~ Bacon, eggs, hash browns, and toast sounds too good for breakfast! Where’s the OJ at? haha

    Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better from that cough from earlier. Thankfully there are other alternatives to working if you’re a bit sick so work won’t be missed :). It sounds like you got some work done though. Hopefully the cough will go away with the days to come. There’s always a chance for that redemption ;).

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