First day back

I did okay today, my first day back since being sick and getting in the accident on Saturday. I have to say I had some anxiety about the drive, especially the drive home in the dark. I will admit the drive there involved some tears. I was really anxious and every bump I hit caused the tears to just roll down my face and I was questioning whether or not I was ready to go back or still too soon after the accident but I was okay once I got there and got out of the car. I stopped in Annapolis Royal for something to bring with me for lunch and a bit of a break from the car. After that, I got back in and drove the rest of the way to Bridgetown.

The day went by fairly fast and other than having issues getting up on the task chair at my wicket (I work in a bank) and just some pain and soreness from being up and moving around a lot for the first time since either being sick or the accident, I made out okay. Now I am cuddled up on the couch under my heated blanket, watching TV, writing this and waiting for 9:30 to come along when I have to go get Edward at work. I think I am more anxious about that than anything because the last time I picked him up at 10 is when I hit the deer and I am terrified of it happening again. This area has so many deer and they are really bad at night. Almost every night we see them especially at certain times of the year. We have black bears as well, no moose thankfully but big raccoons and porcupines as well.

My anxiety has been getting the best of me lately. Not to the point that I feel I need help or medication but just to the point where it’s a bit of an annoyance as I get anxious or panic over stupid stuff. Stuff I know I have no control over and just need to not worry about. If they are going to happen they are going to happen kinda thing. I am going to keep an eye on it. Not really a fan of being medicated for my anxiety or depression, I would much rather talk to someone or go to therapy, sometimes talking helps a lot.

On my way home I was okay. I kept thinking about how dark it was and how easy it would be for something to run out in front of me, but nothing did. It’s just my subconscious’ reminder to keep on the lookout I guess or an over-reactive imagination maybe? Who knows.

I stopped on the way at the store in Cornwallis (a decommissioned navy base I live next too) at the mall and YMCA and noticed as I drove up that there were a lot of people outside and just inside the doors. Then I saw one of the girls that work in the store and knew something was going on. I parked and got out and as I approached a guy said everything was closed for the moment. I never did get the pizza I meant to pop in the oven. Guess I’m gonna have to find something else for supper

I left and went home and got changed and as I was doing that I could hear sirens and a fire truck go by. Not sure exactly what happened but hope it’s not anything too serious, a false alarm or something maybe.

Tomorrow I am actually working at the branch of my bank in Annapolis Royal from 1 to 5 pm. I have been wanting for a long time to get into some other branches. I like the variety and since it is even closer to me then my main branch works out well. Plus as my manager said for tomorrow it would mean a shorter shift and not as far to drive since I am still sore. She’s been wanting to get me into other branches as well. I like the idea of floating around where needed. Honestly, I do. Maybe one day it will get tiring but for right now I really do like the variety of it. So I am excited about that

3 thoughts on “First day back

  1. I’m glad your first day back went mostly well. Make sure to get some rest at home though!

    I would of been nervous driving again too. But at least it went okay. As far as anxiety and depression, I know how that feels. I’ve had it most of my life to some extent. I myself take meds for it, which I think do help. Just do whatever helps you the most. And remember to just relax sometimes too!

  2. Other than going out for about an hour to pick up the hubby tonight I have been under my heated blanket all night. I managed to get there and back in one piece I know it’s just anxiety but yeah you know how that is. I have had both depression and anxiety since my teens. I was on meds but came off them a few years ago and have done everything I can to stay off them. I just can’t handle the side effects, same with meds for Fibro. I only take my diabetes medications and even they cause a lot of side effects that bug me, but I think that the alternative is worse so I have to take them.

  3. I’m glad it went well going back, but it’s rough I can imagine. And I can understand your anxiety! I have PTSD from an accident I was almost in. Our car overheated and then exploded after we got out of it. I’m a little scared to ride in cars, and can’t drive at all!

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