First large snowfall

We had our first large snowfall last night and today. It started off with freezing fog and mixed precipitation yesterday afternoon but turned to snow right at bedtime about 11 p.m. and kept all through the night until about 3 p.m. today with lots of wind as well. We woke up this morning around 6 a.m. to no power and had no power until about 10:30 a.m. which is quite common during the winter around here. We got about 10 cm of snow total, some parts of the Maritimes got upwards of 30 cm!

This afternoon just a few hours ago I decided I needed to take a break from typing and went outside with my Cannon and took a few photos. Nothing spectacular but still pretty all the same. Here are a few of them and I’m sorry they all ended up slightly out of focus because I didn’t use the autofocus and apparently I need new glasses.

Apple trees
The first one is of the apple trees which I am in love with (the trees not the picture). It’s our little mini apple orchard that has 4 trees.
The second picture I took was of a barn up the hill a little behind us. I really love the barn and wish I had a better lens to take a better picture but honestly I could have gone farther back on our property still to get closer.
Not really exciting but here’s what’s left of the wood pile outside, most of it is stacked inside the lean-to to get dry. I thought it was pretty.
I tried to capture the water dripping from the ice but I am not sure how to do so, it still made for a pretty picture though I thought.
This is looking towards the road which is to the far right in the picture and covered in snow.
Last but not least is our little bird feeder in front of one of the corner windows in the living room, which needs some tender loving care, actually it needs to be re-built.

Eddie and I decided that the next big snowfall we are going to go out when it dies down a little but the snow is still fresh and make a huge snowman in front of the apple trees and decorate him. I can’t wait for more snow.

10 thoughts on “First large snowfall

  1. Wow these are some really beautiful shots! I’m not a fan of snow, but it does make for some beautiful scenery.

    I love your layout image. Did you take it yourself? It makes me want to have hot chocolate and some cookies… both of which I currently have. I guess I know what I’m doing this afternoon, haha.

    I hope your holidays are going well. 😊💖🎄

    1. Thanks Dee! I love photography and have an okay camera but haven’t had much time to go out with it. I plan to try and take some more winter pictures over the next few months if I can. I love the snow myself as long as I am not driving in it. The layout image is not mine no. It’s from I sometimes use my own and sometimes I don’t. I love hot chocolate and especially candy cane hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s and it reminded me a little of it I hope your holidays are going well as well!

  2. Losing power is one of the things I do not miss about living in Nova Scotia. We almost never lose power in Alberta, and if we do, it’s never more than a few hours. I’m glad they got it turned back on pretty quickly for you.

    I’m so jealous that you have apple trees in your yard! That is one of my goals when I have a house. I’ve always wanted my own apple tree. There was one in my great grandmother’s yard and I remember the family climbing it to pick them. It was so fun!

    1. I don’t mind losing power for a few hours, it’s almost like a break from being plugged in. I just hate it for days on end as it can sometimes be. I also lived in Alberta (Calgary) and I don’t really remember ever losing power there either.

      I am in love with the apple trees. I don’t even know what kind they are other then I know they aren’t crab apples. I can’t wait till next fall until we have some. I’m not sure how many we will get cause the trees have been neglected and will likely take a few years to get to where they should be. I’ve never lived anywhere with them but I have gone to some u-picks and picked apples and loved it!

  3. Ahhh so jealous. We still haven’t had a “real” snow storm yet, though let’s be real. Snow in NYC just turns into ugly shades of gray in 0.5 seconds. LOL. One thing I miss about living in the ‘burbs… Though then I’d have to shovel the snow and also potential electricity outage… LOL. Love the icicle photo!!

    1. Thanks, the icicle photo is my favourite as well. And yeah, that’s the same in Halifax, it never stays white long. Down here it seems to stay white until it melts or until it rains. Since it was 14°C (57°F) here today with a ton of rain it’s all gone already. We won’t have a white Christmas I’m afraid

  4. We had some snow pretty early in the season, but only a very light dusting that was gone by the next day. Building a snowman is always so much fun. Hope you take photos!

  5. BBBuuurrr!!! So much cold and snow! hehe We had freaking spring weather here. It wasn’t until the day after Christmas that we got this crazy thunderstorm blow over us and then this lovely double rainbow showed up. I didn’t get a picture of it though, lots of people at my job did haha.
    We haven’t been getting winters here lately. I’m sad about it. The only good thing about it is not having to worry about driving on black ice.

    1. I love the cold and snow. It feels so refreshing. Whenever it’s snowing all I want to do is go outside and play in it, even at 38 years old We are currently getting another snow storm right now. I can’t wait to get out later when it starts to accumulate and maybe have a snowball fight like we used to do as kids and build a snowman.

      The double rainbow sounds pretty. I’ve only ever seen a handful of them probably less than 5 but I love rainbows and see them often in the spring. I’m sorry to hear you don’t get winter there lately but yeah driving on black ice sucks. I’ve been in a few accidents because of it. One pretty bad. Rolled my car.

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