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For the month of November every year my work, Blue Ocean Contact Center does a huge fundraiser that lasts all month for United Way Halifax. I am a huge fan of United Way since they work right in the community fighting poverty and helping to improve the health of Haligonians as they do in many communities all over North America and worldwide.

Each project at work sets up ways to help fund raise for the United Way from a change bucket, to an auction, to bake sales, to a scavenger hunt, to pie in your face (one of my projects contributions to the effort) where you pay $5 to throw a pie in the face of a coach or IST member, to our companies newest addition a general store. This year our goal was 51,500. I am happy to say when I left yesterday evening we were already at 90% and still had some of the days activities to count up.

Most of the stuff happens in a two week period the first two weeks of November. This year I threw a pie at my friend Robin (IST) and my coach Mitchell. Unfortunately for me after declaring to Mitchell earlier when he threatened to give me all 60%’s on my qualities (not to brag, well okay to brag a little I am used to being in the 95% or over range and get a number of hundreds usually), anyways after telling Mitchell I was not afraid of him, what happened right after throwing a pie in his face?

I fell, hard. I slipped on all the whip cream that was covering the painters plastic they had laid down to protect the carpet. Mitchell, Robin and I dissolved into fits of giggling after I nearly pulled them down while they were trying to help me up. I’m sure it was quite the site. I ended up going home at lunch to change my pants as I was covered in whip cream from all the pies that everyone before me threw.

Needless to say the whole two weeks was a lot of fun and we raised a lot of money for United Way Halifax. I am proud to have taken part and hope next year I can take part more and help with running some of the activities.  Despite coming down with a whopper of a cold thanks to Cory who has been sick all week, I am feeling pretty good and was happy to take part in the fundraising. I also signed up again for monthly donations from my pay role. I can’t afford much right now but every bit counts right?

If you want to know more about the United Way or wish to donate, please click the links.

What charities do you take part in?

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