Fishing at Jerry Laurence Provincial Park

Cory and I met his father, 2 of his uncles and his cousin at Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park and when fishing at Round Lake. I took a bunch of pictures. I chose my 6 favorite to share.

They clouds were really wonderful and the sky so blue in between. The reflections off of the lake were spectacular. Apparently when they first got there there the lake was as smooth as glass, no rippling. It was such a beautiful day!


The water was so beautiful and getting warm (19°C) I just wanted to jump in and wade out to these rocks, that would have been kinda dumb though as this is primarily a fishing spot and there would have been hooks all the bottom.

Mr. Squirrel

This little guys stole a piece of bread from someone (not us) and was hiding in the bushes near us nibbling on it. He was so cute, couldn’t get more of a close up then this though. Sorry he’s a little out of focus, but he was to cute to pass up!

Round Lake

The weather was great as well, about 22°C throughout most of the afternoon. Cory and I never caught anything, but his Dad did before we got there. They left to go to the lake at 5:30 AM, needless to say we did not LOL.

Path to come in

This was the path coming in through the woods, not much has bloomed here yet blossom wise for any flowers but everything is nice and green!

Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park

It was a great day to be outside. I even remembered to put on sun screen and did not get a sun burn. Next weekend we are going to go again to the same lake and this time Cory and I are going to make a full day out of it. We decided to bring sandwiches, chips and kool aid.

The weekend after we are heading to the beach with my parents for my Birthday which is on the 6th of July. Canada Day is the 1st of July and we are planning on heading downtown somewhere for the fireworks over the Halifax Harbour. We were discussing today if they will be off of the bridge downtown or not.

They were last year and the fireworks were spectacular, the best I have ever seen. This year I plan on looking up some information on what the best settings to set my camera to to catch them, as last year they did not turn out very well. Google, here I come!

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  1. I definitely enjoyed this post – all the pictures are fantastic and so clear… and I love the picture of little mister chipmunk!! He is so darling

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