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I finally bought a Fitbit Versa Lite a few weeks ago and it arrived in the mail yesterday. I am so excited to use it. I got it all set up and am really loving it. Sorry about the picture quality, the lighting in my living room sucks and I had no real surface to put it on as our place is to small for even a kitchen table we use TV carts as tables. I got the mulberry coloured one because it was on sale and I refuse to pay full price, but then I went and bought some screen protector cases in different colours and watch bands on amazon basically brining the cost back up to what it would have cost to get the black or white one , but that’s okay. I wanted to be able to change the colour depending on what I am wearing.

I found a nice simple digital face for it that is really customizable. I can’t wait to get out and start using it. It will have to be on the trail across the street down by the water for now as we are only allowed to go for walks in our neighbourhood and not drive anywhere but we can walk along the road or down by the water. My parents are letting us use their older pool they have which is around 15ft x 42in deep pool which we are going to go get from this sometime in the next week or two and start setting up and filling. It’s not huge but it will do for this year. We also plan on getting a badminton/volleyball net, we already have a Frisbee and we plan to get baseball gloves and a baseball to throw around. Thankfully we have half an acre of lawn.

We also bought a bistro set and my mom bought a mold to make our own patio stones so we are going to make a patio outside and this spring I plan to buy a new barbeque because we gave ours to my parents a few years ago when we moved into an apartment that didn’t have a balcony. Not an expensive one, Walmart has them for under $100. We also plan on moving for two weeks into a trailer on Mom and Dad’s property (completely self-contained) sometime this summer depending on the situation with COVID-19 so that we can redo the bathroom in our house. Mom and Dad bought a new tub and wall fitting to fit over our existing one, new flooring and we are going to finish the bathroom and likely redo the ceiling and possibly the walls as they are mouldy and we need to pull everything out likely. So we have some plans for a stay at home summer as it seems we will not be able to go too far from home due to COVID-19 and social distancing and such.

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    1. I was looking at the charge 3 but really liked the look of the Versa but not the price so I settled on the Versa lite. Yeah, I am hoping so, and school in just over a month too.

  1. I’ve been wanting a fitbit for a while, but just haven’t caved in and bought one. I did try one on in a store because I was pretty sure a small would be too big, but I was surprised it wasn’t. I was thinking about getting one of the smaller screen ones, but looking at the one you have, I actually like the size of it.

    I wish we had enough yard for a pool. Last year we got this tiny thing just to sit in…and I just didn’t feel the same. I’m hoping we can figure out how we can get a larger one for the backyard. The real issue is the trees/tree roots in the backyard.

    Badminton! I miss playing it!

    I had already bought all the paint for the bakery before we were put into a stay at home order, so that’s kept me busy. They’re slowly starting to open Ohio up on May 1st, but it still looks like everyone won’t be back to work until maybe June – depending on how long each phase takes. I’m also worried that they’re caving in to certain people.

    1. I was concerned about the same thing but once I have it on I actually love the size of it, its just perfect. I have small wrists and forearms but it fits nicely.

      We have 1/2 an acre so we could really have a bigger pool then what we are going to borrow from my parents, but hey, it’s free (other than maybe to fill it as we are on a well).

      We are nowhere near being opened back up. Both the Prime Minister of Canada and the Premier of my province are strictly against opening things yet, our numbers are still on the rise and really rising fast in some places. I would be worried the same as you that they are caving in if opening up too soon.

    1. It’s funny you say that because I bought a couple cases (one black and one clear) for the watch and also some different color bands so I could do the same thing.

  2. I just purchased the versa 2 yesterday. I am really excited to get it. I currently have the charge 3 now. I plan on giving it to my future sister in law it is like brand new but I wanted something with a bigger screen.

    1. I absolutely love the Versa Lite. It’s so fun and gets me motivated. I joined Fitbit premium since there was a 3-month free offer and I love it and plan to keep it. I was concerned about the size initially but when I got it and wore it for that first 24 hours I realized it was perfect, even for my small arm.

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