Getting settled in

I am really excited for the summer. I am looking forward to saving up some money while living with Aunt Ferne and the kids and then moving into my own apartment in August or September.

Right now the plan is to save up the damage deposit and a months rent. I mentioned that my brother is planning on coming up. He’s going to come up the end of July or whenever his course is finished and start looking for a job.

I am excited that he is moving in with me. It’s my turn to take care of him. My parents have been doing it for his whole life (24 years) and it’s time for me to take over and help. I think he will do good up here.

In the meantime I am getting settled into my Aunts. It’s a little awkward since I am used to taking care of myself and not worrying about anyone else. Good practice for my brother actually. I am hoping that however long he lives with me I can help him take control of his own life and stop acting like a child.

Given his issues I know that’s probably wishful thinking but anything is better then where he currently is. I know it’s going to take some planning and some homework to get him into the right programs with my parents help but I am hoping that we can move towards more independence and maturity.

He really is a great kid and I love him to death and just want what’s best for him. At the same time it is time for my parents to get a break. They deserve a little alone time. He’s not only hard to handle but he’s a full-time job to a point. Maybe that can change? Hopefully I am not getting my hopes up. But I have noticed a big change in him lately in some ways. For the better.

In the meantime I am going to enjoy the summer. I am putting together a summer bucket list of things I want to do. At the top: indoor rock climbing, whitewater rafting and some hikes to find some waterfalls and take pictures.

4 thoughts on “Getting settled in

  1. Those are some cool things on your bucket list, you’re so brave! I hope you’ll get some good photos.
    Also I hope all goes well with your brother. How is the job opportunities in Canada? Can people easily get jobs?

    1. You can call me brave after I actually do them lol. The indoor rock climbing is going to be a challenge cause I am scared of heights. But I am also determined

      Getting a job is not hard where I live if you are willing to accept any job. McDonalds or a grocery store would be a good place for him to start. I am sure everything will go okay.

  2. I hope that it goes well. It is really nice of you to want to help out and give your parents a break. I am sure that means so much to them. When you are caring for someone full time, it can be an extremely hard thing to do, and when you have someone that is willing to help you, it is such a huge thing. I hope that you will have help and support as well!

    1. My brother is super excited to move up here with me and I think it will be a step in the right direction for him and I am really happy and excited to have him. I am smart enough to realize it will be just like having an unruly teenager in the house but maybe he will surprise me. My parents so deserve the break and need it badly. They have hit a wall with him.

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